Tuesday, October 19, 2010

QOTD: I Need 5k, No Donations Accepted

That title sort of rhymes if you say it out. Unintentional, I assure you.  I'm going to keep today's post short and spec-free, as I work to update my guides and try to get some time with my DK so I can talk somewhat competently about that.  I have a rather simple question, but I will need to tack on some modifiers after I ask it.

The question:
What is the best way for me to get to 5k gold?

I want to purchase the 310% riding and need about 3k to get there.  Now, I've never been a money maker.  Crafting, Auction Housing, and Farming is not my thing.  I've always simply made my money through questing.  I'm pretty frugal, choosing to gather whatever I need for upgrades and then coercing guildies to help me out.  It's a big help that my wife enjoys the whole profession scene, so she's got just about everything I don't have.  Personally, I have max level Tailoring, Enchanting, Mining, and Engineering across two toons. 

However, like I said, I'm not a farmer.  Nor am I a crafter.  Nor am I an AH playa.  I would much rather kill 15 Icecrown mobs than farm 5 pieces of ore.  Currently, I just hop on every day and do the ICC dailies.  It nets me a little over 100 gold, plus crusader tokens, and I'm not unhappy with it. I mean, it only takes me about a half hour to make 100 gold.

So why ask?  Well, generally I shoot to play for about an hour each night.  Some nights are more, some not at all, but when I play it's usually at least an hour.  I think that's the ideal amount of time to just be able to knock out something simple and unwind.  If doing the ICC dailies takes me only a half hour, what do I do for that other half hour?  Thus, my question.  I'd like to make 200 a night or more, averaging about 100 every half hour.  Is there a better way for me to do this? 

I want the money to be pretty steady too.  Recently, Fuu took me on a farming trip into Zul'drak, which could be pretty lucrative if you want to sell the coins from there.  We pooled out loot and she put it up on the AH.  Then the bottom dropped out of the price over the weekend, so most of them still haven't sold.  She's keeping on it, but even if they sell for a couple hundred, the aggregate time involved in both farming and selling these has begun to add up.  Plus, if she weren't doing it, I would hate every moment of it.  I'm just not a big fan of trying to do rudimentary market analysis in a video game, even with addons.  I'm not saying it's awful, it's just not my thing.

So I guess what I'm asking is:
What are some fun ways of making money?  Have you found a lucrative quest hub apart from the ICC dailies?  How are you planning to get to 5k (if you don't have a 310% mount already)?


  1. Making 100g every half hour, and making it fun... could be a tall order, especially with all the stuff you don't like doing.

    Right now, its probably going to be hard to raise those funds, unless you're a Scribe.

    I've found the AH to be the best way, but to keep it fun and interesting, you need to diversify. Do your Cooking dailies, do your Fishing daily, if it's not too far out the way. Cherry pick Sons of Hodir and AT dailies. Do some casual farming for ore or herbs, or even gas clouds in Scholozar, if you have an engineer.

    Do the alchemy cool downs for transmutes and elixirs, and maybe even pots. Not everyone has stopped raiding, but the closer we get to Dec 7, the harder it is going to be to provide goods for the dwindling market of raiders actually buying things.

    Perhaps go after low level mats, for those people who are going to power level smithing, JC, enchanting, inscription and alchemy.

    Being an altoholic, I have every profession covered, and have raised enough funds for 310% mounts for three of my characters. They'll be going to my pally (miner/JC), unholy DK (alchemist/herbalist) and rogue (miner/engineering) first.

    By having faster mounts, that's going to give me a perceived edge to get to that ore or herb or gas node (if there are any in Cata), and I'll either use that ore for my own profession leveling, or I'll take advantage of those at the gold cap who will buy ore/herbs rather than farm it.

    That's how I plan to earn the next 30k of old for the rest of the toons that would also like 310% flying speed.

  2. Do Northrend Loremaster if you haven't already. Icecrown, Storm Peaks and Zul'drak questing are all VERY lucrative at level 80. Most of the other areas will net you 1000g each.

  3. Ah, re-reading your article, and noticing your max professions.

    Farming cloth is a PITA, but your could try making easy blues (or even greens) and DEing for mats.. and AH them. The don't even need to be end game DE mats, either. Just follow some power leveling guides, and target those mats. I understand it's easier to do with a JC, and I've done it a couple of times just to see what kind of money I can make.

    Diversification.. it's what keeps the money grind fun.

  4. Did they nerf the gold drop from Magtheridon yet? Take a couple of friends (1 tank, 1 healer, 1 DPS can usually manage, if you're baller enough), and kill the old bastard. Forget the cubes. You make about 500g a week.

    Otherwise, Northrend quests as yet undone, and the miserable bloody Argent Crusade dailies.

  5. You can do the large prismatic shuffle. It won't net huge amounts but it'll be steady and take very little time.

    First, do you have the void shatter recipe from isle of quel'danas? If not this may not work.

    If so check the price of void crystals and large prismatic on your ah. If the prismatic is selling for more than half the price of the void then you're in business. Usually one prismatic sells for as much as the void crystal.

    Buy some void crystals , shatter them (1 void = 2 large prismatic). Be patient and don't flood the market and that should net you a small, but steady income for very little time spent.

  6. What you need is an easy pick up and resale solution to buff up your income. Pick up some of the 3 pets in Dalaran for 40g and resale them for 90-100g at the AH... the cats usually sell good because they can interacts with other pets.
    Also go the the OLD TOWN in SW, find the cooking recipe merchant, buy them all and resale for easy profit at the AH (cost a few silver and turn them into several golds)...take less them 10 minutes to do it.

  7. Here are some suggestions. If you like to fish then either sell the fish or make food and sell that. yes I know you hate the AH but pick a price you think is fair for your time spent and just reuse it.

    Next is bags. You are a tailor so make bags and sell them. You should be able to do this fairly easy and make 5-6G per bag.

    Finally, enchanting mats always sell well. Run a couple of heroics with your wife as this nets you 40% chance to win every item.

    There really are just three ways to make money. One way involves the AH to some extent. The second way is farming but that also involves the AH. The last way is questing and dailies.

    But here is a good thing for right now. Go to every town and trick/treat and get the quest for the few gold. It''s boring as you mostly fly all over the world but it can net you 100-150G by the time you are done.

  8. I'll second the vote for Northrend Loremaster. That's several thousand gold to be had if you haven't already completed the quests.

    If you're just after the 310% mount as opposed to a steady revenue stream of X gold/hour, completing "What A Long Strange Trip It's Been" still awards you the purple proto-drake and the master riding skill. So if you're close to completing that meta, that might be another avenue to consider.

  9. Since you are max mining, I suggest mining in Outland for 15 minutes a day, then smelt Adamantite, Fel Iron and Khorium. Khorium bars go for insane amounts these days, and stacks of Adamantite and Fel Iron Bars sell very quickly if you price them reasonably (I price them at just under 4 gold a bar - 79g 50s a stack.

  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys.

    I'm definitely going to get in on the Fishing Daily, and I want to check out Mags. Maybe Fuu and I can duo it. We're a pretty big deal, after all.

    I've already completed Northrend Loremaster and am nowhere close for the "Strange Trip", fwiw.

    Thanks again for the response guys!

  11. If you're already doing the ICC dailies, sell the faction pets on the cross-faction AH.

  12. I thought about that, but then again... Hippogryph. :-D

  13. Well, AH trading, crafting, and farming all tend to be more efficient than looting mobs, and by a huge margin. I'd really recommend sucking it up and spending a few minutes crafting and selling. Think about it this way: if you can earn your 200g in 20 min by selling or crafting, you can spend the other 40 min doing whatever you want.

    If you strictly want to do this by looting and questing, ZG and MC can be soloed (if you have the right toon), and some of the bosses will drop 50g+ in gold and vendor loot. Some of the BC heroics might work well too. Look for bosses which have a high probability of dropping weapons, since they vendor for more than armor pieces.

  14. TBH, the easiest way for me is to snuggle up to my wife (who's sitting on well over 10k gold) and, you know, earn it the old fashioned way ;-). She'd tell me to go to the AH to though, I fear. Wives are like that sometimes.

    I like doing the fishing daily now too, Mags was a bit much for us to duo. We've done ZG. The problem with some of those is the travel time... they're just not easy to get to.

    I know I'm totally splitting hairs and looking for an ideal solution when the simple one is to put in some thought and do the AH. I don't know why though, I just can't get up for that. I suppose there's some psychosis: AHphobia.

    I am going to try to sell some bags too. Cloth is easy to come by when doing kill quests in Northrend.

  15. Helpful tip of the day: the flying trainer at Valiance Keep (borean tundra) respects reputation with alliance vanguard. It's only 4k there, if exalted! Same goes for horde at warsong hold I believe.

  16. Great suggestion! I'll have to check that out.

  17. Only way I have made huge amounts of money is inscription and that seems to be going bad.. but you need to setup add-ons correctly and stuff for it to work right. I quested a lot to buy my first 310% flying. It took a few months but eventually I got it.