Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Time's A Charm

So I took my DK for a spin yesterday for the first time.  I'll follow with a spec post soon, but I've been basically trying to do the Headless Horseman every day.  I mean it's a quick 20 gold, right?  Then I remember I had an 80 alt, might as well run it twice.  Apparently, I had never run HH on my DK before.  So the achievement said.

Then a second achievement popped up beneath it.  One that was completely unexpected.  I guess the first time is a charm?  (Amazingly, two of us got the elusive reins at the same time.)  Afterward, I decided to terrorize the skies some on my new mount.

Ful is quite jealous of his little sister.


  1. That's awesome! Funny you got it on your DK, just last night I ran it on my Shaman & Priest...nothin'. I was going to turn off the computer and go to bed, then I said, 'hey self, you haven't run your DK yet'. I did and BAM! I too got the mount. This is seriously eerie!

  2. Yet another non-warlock riding on the paramount of flying flaming horses. Blizzard!! This should be the defacto warlock flying mount! (Ok maybe with gruesome wings too, aka burning pretty pony).

  3. Ha, I hear ya.

    I think really I just like not having to swap when I hit the launch pad in Dal.

  4. I do like that change to UI also. Land with Pretty pony, pick up weekly raid, run out to landing and take off! no dismount/remount.