Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally, Official Word

If, like me, you'd been waiting on something concrete before you started to get excited, well, you have it.  Blizzard has officially announced a release date of December 7th, 2010 for the Cataclysm expansion.  With all the speculating lately, I can only say: it's about time.  I will most certainly be penciling in a "personal day" on my schedule for that day.  Some may call that unhealthy, but I say everyone shouldn't personal days be personal?  Plus, my wife will be there.   That makes it slightly more acceptable, right?  I suppose I'm just lucky that, working among engineers, people have been known to take days off for much stranger things than mere gaming.  Heck, the first day of deer season used to be a corporate holiday.

In other news, you've probably caught an outbreak of blogposts regarding BlizzCon 2010 as well.  Sadly, as in past years, I will not be able to attend.  My duties as a football coach prevent me from travel in the fall.  WTB Blizz Con in November or July, ffs.  I'll be with you all in spirit.  Drink one for me, and hit up the TNB meet-up if you can.  I've always wanted to go to that. 

Oh, and we'll likely be purchasing Collector's Editions.  Does anyone have a link where they've told us what's going to be in them?  Pricing in the release has them listed at ~$80, and after getting the Starcraft II CE, it was totally worth it.  We may just get one CE and the other copy normal though... it depends on how unique the swag is.

(Edit: Thanks to Elkagorasa for the link to the Amazon item.  Totally tells what is all in the CE.  I just hadn't looked it up before since I was waiting on a concrete date to get excited.  I think we'll have to get two for the cards and pet...  I may have to donate the DVD, artbook, etc to some sort of prize giveaway or something, since you really don't need two of those.  Hmm... we'll see.)

I would guess this means that 4.0 is imminent.  Maybe tomorrow?  Probably by the end of the month for sure.  I can't wait for the chance to get in on the new talent trees and such.  You won't see anything from me until they're made official, though.  I hate having the rug pulled out from under me! 

In slightly more personal news, I'm totally excited to have blogged through an entire expansion.  I remember, back when I started near the end of TBC, I first created the "Expansion" tag for early posts.  I thought: "I wonder if I'll ever re-use this tag after Wrath drops."  I mean, there were two big if's at that time.  First, if WoW would even have another expansion (decently likely at the time).  Second, if I would make it this long enjoying a game enough to continue writing about it (probably a less likely phenomenon).  I'm happy to say that both conditions have been met, and I'm still going strong.  The community and wonderful readers like yourself are a big part of that, so thanks!  I don't plan on going anywhere for Cataclysm, nor changing a whole lot up.  :-)


  1. 1. May I suggest Amazon for the Collector's Edition info.

    2. I've read that the Pre-cata events would start approximately 1 month before release. So, that would give them about a month to work out any PTR issues.