Monday, September 13, 2010

Where is Matt Foley When I Need Him?

Played a lot more SCII over the weekend.  I still suck at 1v1.  I swear, I've watched countless video strats, etc (Samodean, I'm looking at you, kid), and I'm doing all those things.  Doing them well actually.  At least in my opinion.  And I keep losing.  It's like the Bronze league I'm in is secretly the Diamond league.  I can't imagine what it's like up there.  I mean I'm macro'ing things, I'm scouting, I'm doing all those things you do to win... and I still lose.  What are your records/points for some of you folks in the higher leagues?  

On the complete flip side, I'm on a 7 game hot streak in 2v2 with my brother.  Neither of us can win solo, but as a team we're pretty solid.  Especially after killing all the beer in the fridge.  Perhaps I should play my 1v1 matches drunk.  We usually go dual protoss and stagger our rushing, so our opponents always have something to deal with.  It could be that we're just both awful at multi-tasking, so 2v2 suits us better.  Maybe he's carrying me too, though I seem to deliver the killing blow more often than not. 

In any case, I'm going back to the drawing board and playing the AI.  I figure I might as well work on the achievements.  Still, it's not nearly as fun.  I pretty much destroy the AI easily on both Medium and Hard (I haven't gone higher yet because I'm really just tweaking strats and build orders). 

Maybe what I need is some good motivation.  You know, a hearty pre-game speech.  "You may kill our probes, but you'll never kill our mothership!"  Or something like that.  I googled for motivational posters (love those), here's what I found:

Who doesn't like a good mommaship joke?
Maybe this is the photo of my Bronze League?
Ah ha! It is my lack of FarmVille skills...


  1. Heh, if you liked those videos where I played like crap, you'll have to see my first one coming to BDTU this week where I played like REALLY GOOD crap.

    At Bronze level, it's not so much having a solid strategy yourself (though that helps, of course). It's more about knowing what terrible strategy your opponent is going to use and how to counter that. Let me guess, most of your losses have been to:

    Reaper Rush
    Turtle -> Mass Thor/Battlecruiser
    2-Gate Zealot Rush
    Mass Void Ray
    6-Pool Zergling Rush

    At Bronze level, those are likely the "strategies" you see the most, as they require virtually no skill to use and are fairly effective against most Bronze players, but are completely useless against someone who knows how to counter it.

    Strong macro, scouting and proper unit compositions, i.e. actual STRATEGY doesn't matter for much until around Gold.

  2. I have to say, that makes sense. Personally, I'm pretty good against defending the rush, the two things that usually get me...

    Terran Turtle as mentioned, Brood Lords... freaking Brood Lords with lots of air support.

    You're right that I get the feeling I'm usually playing against various hack strategies that make the game short (one way or another) and annoying.

    I think I would like to see an article or something on "getting out of bronze: how to counter hack strats."

    I do look forward to more videos though :-). I really enjoy the "proper" game.