Friday, September 10, 2010

Trust A Father's Love

Abigora fidgeted at the wooden table in the center of the run down home. Her chair wobbled unevenly as she stared unbelieving at the man across from her.  She had come looking for proof, but had never dreamed she would find this.

"Um, Mr. Brightrune," Abigora began.  She trailed off under the unsettling gaze of the walking corpse across from her.  Even in life, the Captain had had that effect on her.

Captain Brightrune was the rightful owner of the house she'd come to search.  At least in life he was.  Obviously, he had seen better days.  Clothes hung in tatters from a body that was little more than partially decayed fleshing hanging on exposed white bone.  What had been a strong jaw and a proud face was now a bony protrusion with sunken, haunted eyes.  Despite the new existence, the man still carried with him an air of confidence and command.

"What are you doing here?" the Captain asked with a slight slur.  He reached a hand up and wiggled his jaw as if it to tighten it.

"Well, um, sir," Abigora muttered.  "It's, um.  I just.  You.  Bookcase."

"Stop muttering, girl!" he said forcefully without raising his voice.  "Why. Are. You. Here?"

"It's your daughter, sir," Abigora admitted.

A look of pain crossed his broken face.  "What about Faith?"

"Well, I think she's going to do something stupid in the name of vengeance," Abigora explained.


"Yes, she blames Arthas for your... death?" She said uncertainly.

The Captain growled at the mention of Arthas.  "Yes, I could see that.  Get in line, I would say."

"Sir, she's out fighting him now."

"Well, there are plenty of scourge to fight, my dear," the Captain said, dismissing the concern.

Abigora shook her head, "No, I don't think you understand me.  She is fighting him right now.  With Tirion Fordring.  In the Citadel.  Before the Frozen Throne."

The Captain's eyes widened, "Fordring you say.  What's he doing mixing Faith up in all this?  She's such a nice girl."

"Well, she is quite a formidable Paladin now, sir," Abigora shrugged.

"A Paladin, huh?" A look of pride crossed the old man's face, then it drooped into a grotesque frown.  "Not the life I would have chosen for her, but there you have it."

Abigora frowned, "If I may ask, sir, where have you been?"

The Captain paused, surveying the room around him as if lost in a memory.  "Let's just say that I've been through hell and back.  One does not shake off the will of the Lich King so easily, even with others showing you the way."  He clenched and unclenched his fists on the table.  "There was time when I was just angry.  So angry.  I mean, the Light abandoned me to become... this."  He looked down at his hands.  "What daughter would want to see a father like this?"

"I think it would mean something to her anyways, sir," Abigora offerred.

The Captain reached up and stroked a decaying chin.  Small bits of flesh fell to the table.  He pulled the hand away and studied it for a moment before putting it back on the table.  His frown hardened.

Abigora felt that she wasn't making any headway.  She needed to get this man to come back with her.  Her best friend needed to know that her father still lived.  In a way, that is.  If she could accept a Death Knight for a sister, she could accept an Undead for a father.  There was no question in her mind what needed to be done.

"She has a husband now, sir," Abigora said quietly.  "A Warlock.  They got married a year ago."

The Captain's eyes narrowed.  "A Warlock?  My baby girl?  Why didn't you say so before?  Fighting Arthas is one thing, marrying a Warlock, quite another."  He stood up.  "Let's go meet this... Warlock."

Abigora smiled.  Count on a Father's love... she thought.  "Sir, what about your wife?  What happened to her?"

The Captain grunted, "Oh yeah, her.  She's outside tendin' to those ugly bone ponies."  He waved a hand towards the front door.  "What I would give for a good charger again," he mused.

The Captain walked back to the door in the hallway, locking it resolutely behind him.  Then, he led Abigora out the front door.  Two skeletal horses stood off to one side, where a sweet-looking, small women patted their long snouts and murmured reassurances.

"Minerva!  We gotta go!  Faith married a Warlock!" Brightrune yelled.

"Eh?" his wife yelled back.  "The case was solved by Sherlock?  Of course it was, dear."

"No, Minnie.  A Warrrrlock," he said, enunciating.

"What about Spore Rock?  I don't care for the music." She sauntered over.  Minerva Brightrune hardly even looked dead.  Except for the bluish-green hue to her decaying skin, one could hardly tell.  She barely blinked as she took in Abigora.  "Ah, Abigora, dear child, what brings you to the Plaguelands?"

"Hi Minnie!" Abigora said fondly.  "It's Faith.  She's fighti- she got married to a Warlock."

Minnie's eyes widened, "A Warlock!  Melvin!  Why didn't you tell me?"  She slapped her husband on the back.  Hard.  "We need to go!  She'll need all kinds of holy relics... and curtains!"

The Captain rolled his eyes.  "That's what I said, honey."

Minnie smiled fondly at her husband, "Of course you did, dear."  The Undead housewife looked around the clearing.  "Abi, child, I'm afraid we only have two mounts.  You'll have to ride with me."

Abigora grinned and then whistled.  A large cat bounded out of the woods, skidding to a halt at her side.  She lithely hopped on it's back.

"Well lookie dere!" Minnie exclaimed.  "One of them Elven cat mounts.  Melvin?  Why don't we have one of those?"

"Because they don't like the decay," the Captain mumbled.

"Eh?" Minnie grunted questioningly.

"I said: we'll talk about it on the way!"


  1. Love this! Very well-written & I want more! :D

  2. That you. I try to do it every Friday :-)