Monday, September 27, 2010

QotD: DPS... wtf is wrong with you?

Hey Gang!

Since there is almost nothing else to do in the game, many people are going back and finishing up a few things while they have the time.

Since Fuubaar is my "Achievement Whore", she's been going back and grinding reputation with a few random factions and FINALLY finished up the Argent Tournament Cities last night. THANK THE LORD! The only other reason to return now is for grinding out the Champion Seals for rewards. I would like to pick up the Squire Pony so that I'm able to access by bank or what ever he allows me to do. I think that this might be helpful for the 80-85 leveling grind coming here shortly. Also, with the interesting news that has just hit the fan "aka" regarding the Portal Replacement Operation: Make Travel Inconvenient, I might have to go ahead & get the Travel Tabard as well that teleports you to the Argent Tournament grounds. It's either that or pay a mage every time I want to go to Dalaran, or buy that rediculous Teleport Ring. Come to think of it though, how often did I go back to Shatt after Wrath came out? Not all that often. I did hear that they are keeping the portal to the Tenaris instances though so, that might actually come in handy if you need to get down there quickly. We shall see I guess :-/

Many people are also trying to get their mid to high level alts to level cap for what ever reason. I have been slowly working on my level 70 Hunter because might as well have 3 level 80s when Cata hits. I've been leveling her professions while queuing up for random dungeons.

Now, queuing up as DPS is always slow. I've finally witnessed this first hand. That specific topic has been hit on many times and I'm not intending to discuss it in great detail. What I did find interesting though was that there was no jump in queue times from lower levels to Northrend LFG. It all seemed roughly 30-45 minutes each time as DPS. If I'm on a toon that can help not queue up as DPS, I'll do it in a heartbeat. My Priest will queue up as a healer even though I rarely ever PvE on her so she wears her PvP DPS gear to heal in. Fuu obviously only queues up as Tank. Yes, I'm quite spoiled with wait times on healers & Tanks.

So, here's what I'm curious about. If DPS have to wait for 30+ minutes to get into a dungeon, why do tanks only see them as drooling idiots that wipe groups because of their impatience or randomly drop group because it's taking more than 10 minutes? WHY?! I just don't get it!

Here's my story from last night:

My hunter was running around mining waiting for a queue and 28 minutes later, it pops, so I accept. It's Utgard Keep and everyone seems ready to go. I throw my hunters mark on one of the targets, we kill the two mobs at the front door & one of the DPS drops. A few seconds later, the tank drops. It's just me, the healer & the lonely warlock left behind completely confused and unsatisfied. We wait next to the front door for probably 10 minutes with nothing. Finally, the other two drop group & I leave. It was by far the most depressing thing I've ever seen. I just wasted 45 minutes for two mobs worth of XP.

This is how my hunter felt when everyone left ...

You would think that having to wait that long, DPS would beg the tanks & healers for forgiveness & grovel at their feet to stay around for another dungeon or two. I would never dream of acting up in a Dungeon as a DPS for fear I'll be kicked out and have to sit in the queue again for 30 more minutes. I just don't understand it...

Perhaps you could help me out?

Question: Why do DPS act up in Dungeons when they must wait so long to get in in the first place?

Bonus Question: Do you believe that this is what makes DPS bitter towards Healers & Tanks because they don't have to wait as long?

Just curious...

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. I am guessing the DPS DC'd? As you say, why would a DPS drop that early into a dungeon. When the dungeons where in full swing and everyone ran them, it was bad enough. Now that most people are on a pre-cata hiatus, the queues are only that much longer.

  2. Usually, there are tell-tale signs that someone is DC'ing. Either they run in place, or something shows them as DC'ing. This was like instant leave right after we downed the first trash. If they wold have logged, doesn't it just usually show them as Offline?

    Perhaps he was and it was just bad luck :-/

  3. @Fuubaar: Alt+F4'ing the game generally leaves your toon in place for about 20s (how long it takes to log out properly), so you'd be able to tell if they did that as well.

    I don't understand anyone dropping group that early. Why would you queue up and then click yes in the first place? /boggle

  4. As one dps more eloquently told me. "I waited for this queue for x minutes. It should be done my way. Tanks and heals have instant queues, so they don't matter"

  5. Perhaps they're ill-tempered sea bass.

  6. When you queue for a dungeon and get instant pop, you're still in the dungeon mindset when you start. When you queue for a dungeon and then have to wait for it, you do other things, roam around, and you start thinking that other stuff is fun to do, too. At this point of the expansion we don't need anything except badges, and badges themselves are being devalued very soon. So if the dungeon looks to be the least bit annoying, well, I was 15 yards from that last quest mob and I want to finish this quest line before it's time to go make dinner.

  7. So why did the tank drop? To me, that's a better question in this case. You probably could've easily found a new DPS before the first boss and four-manned it 'til then.

  8. @Ful, If it's not a DC and they don't AFK, I chalk it up to mom walking into the room and saying, "WTF!, GET IN BED NOW!"

  9. @ Anon

    Yeah, I'm not quite sure either. It was just a really odd chain of events.

    @ Elkagorasa

    HAHAHA my mom used to do that when I was young. I would stay up all night playing Final Fantasy and not realize that the sun had come up and I had to go to school in 3 hours...

  10. I know when I flake it's usually health related. I have to take breaks from my computer every hour and if I'm waiting in queue for over half of that, I won't be able to finish it. Period. Sometimes having to leave before we even reach the first boss. Or if my blood sugar's low and I need to eat before risking passing out, or my pain is spiking.

    But usually that's something that can be avoided by partying with a healer or tank friend. Don't get bitter at them, take advantage of their fast queue times and hitch up with them :D Makes things so much easier. 'Specially as a lock.

  11. @ Staticnonsense

    That makes a lot of sense. The LFD eyeball icon on the side that tells you how long the Queue times are, doesn't tell you until you've almost reaches that time to begin with. So, you dont really know until you wait which I find pretty worthless.

    If you find that you're unable to finish the instance, do you just leave or do you say something first? I would think that it might be somewhat curious to inform the group that you have to bail.

    I mean, if it's an emergency, then to heck with them I guess...

    I do agree that piggy backing off of a healer & or tank does make it much better than to do it by yourself.

    What I did find to work out better for my DPS was to run Battlegrounds instead. The queue time was much better and it definately mixed up the bordom of running the same instance repeatedly. If this is something that you would like to do for a really nice chunk of XP, run these Battlegrounds on their Holiday weekend. A win got my Hunter around 3-4 bars of XP and roughly 2k Honor each time. They also seem to be quicker than any instance that I've ever run on my lower level toons. You can also use that honor to get a few upgrades on your way to level cap. Yes, they are more PvP focused but most times they are overall better and have sockets on them.

    Just some tips for DPS that don't have a lot of time to wait on the LFD tool.

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  12. @Fuubaar

    I do what I can to warn them, though it's not always possible. It depends on how I'm doing mentally or if my hands are functioning - no hands, no typing for me and voice chat in game doesn't work for me for some reason. But other than that I'm usually pretty good about it.

    I've considered doing BGs instead, I used to do them a lot, but I also run dungeons for the achievements and quests. But outside of that I may consider doing it again.

  13. I think that's fair. If every drop was in your situation, I'd totally feel okay about that. I doubt that's the case for the majority though.

    Still, it's an interesting thought and a reminder that we should try to give folks the benefit of the doubt.