Thursday, September 16, 2010

PTR 4.0 Paladin levels 1-10

Hey Gang!
So, on Sunday Morning, I saw that the PTR was up for 4.0. I figured since I wasn't in the beta, this would give me a great opportunity to dig into some of the Protection Paladin changes that are soon to come.   I attempted to copy over Fuubaar but the wait time was 4 days o.0 I highly doubt that it will be quite that long but I knew that it wasn't going to be anytime soon. The only other option I had was to create a level 1 Female Human Paladin and off I went.

First thing that I noticed was the new resource bar underneath our mana bar. From the default UI, it looks like the bar is hanging under it by chains. Overall, I think it looks nice and isn't an eye sour which is good. The starting area is really informative to a new player. There are many windows that pop up letting you know what's going on and how to do some of the very basic things in game such as "This is a quest giver, he wants you to become his bitch. In exchange, he'll give you some useless gear & possibly give you another mindless task to go & kill the exact same thing again for another item." *Cough* I really enjoyed this feature when Aion first came out. I believe Blizzard took a few of these ideas & ran with it. Two thumbs up! :-)

Fresh Paladins start off with your basic white shirt, pants, and a two handed mace. You get one spell right off the bat & that is Crusader Strike. Crusader Strike is going to be a large part of your rotation and I'm going to guess that it will stay there even up to 85. The reason why Crusader Strike is so important is because it builds up your new Paladin Resource Holy Power. You only get three stacks of it so it doesn't seem to be too terribly hard to keep track of. It's also a pretty short cooldown so you will be able to use it on low level mobs 1-2 times before they die. At level 3 you get Seal of Righteousness & your Judgement. Now remember, all of our Judgements are rolled into one now. We no longer get three (mana, health, slow) so at this level, it just does damage to your foe. So from level 3-7, you have your Seal of Righteousness, judge when off cooldown, and Crusader Strike until dead. At level 5, you get Devotion Aura which gives you quite a bit of Armor (53 or something around there) for such a low level. Trade chat was discussing how the lower level gear actually has quite a bit of armor on it from what we remember. So the scaling is going to be quite a bit different from what we are used to in regards to health & survivability.

At level 8, you get your Hammer of Justice stun. Which is SO handy at this level. If you get linked adds, you can now learn to control them a lot better and are rewarded for it too. I'm glad that they kept this ability at such a low level.

Now, before level 9, your Holy Power is pretty worthless other than colors under your name. It's Disco Paladin. It's like all of Azeroth is Celebrating for me when I blow my enemies into tiny bits. LOOK AT THE BONES!


This level was HUGE for my little paladin girl. Since she had no way to heal herself, she would die quickly if a pull went aerie. Word Of Glory is an extremely overpowered ability that converts your Holy Power into a manaless Heal.

A few notes:
1) There is no cooldown for it. So once you have at least 1 Holy Power, you can use it. It only takes 1 Crusader Strike to gain more Holy Power so the only thing that is holding you back from having a constant heal at this level is the Cooldown on Crusader Strike.
2) Healing Power of it. I didn't need all three stacks of Holy Power to heal myself to full. 1-2 should do it. It takes no time to get a Crusader Strike in and gain Holy Power to heal yourself up to full again. I hear the QQ seeping out of woodworks because of this already.

For those two reasons, this makes low level paladins completely unstoppable. I soloed Hogger at level 10 easily with this ability. I could also take on multiple mobs at once with out much fuss. I mean, don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to have this spell be this useful for all levels of Paladins, but I fear that it will become but a shell of what it is now & I'm not getting my hopes up. For right now though... it's sexy :-) Once I hit 10, I threw my talent point into the Prot Tree and already got Avengers Shield & a mana regen pro (Passive) I believe that comes from Judgements.

This is my look at Low Level Paladins this far. Overall, I'm nervous and excited for old & new paladins to explore all of the large changes instore for our class.

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

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