Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fuubaar's UI

Hey Gang!
I've been meaning to make a UI post for a while now. Funny enough, it's so late that most of us aren't even fussing with our UIs because Cataclysm is going to do to our UIs as Deathwing did to the Barrens.

This screen shot of my UI was taken pretty early on in our Ice Crown raid. This might actually have been the first time that we saw Gunship. So perhaps May? Meh, what ever. My UI hasn't changed much at all other than the guild tag in the top left hand corner and the gold amount in the top right :-)

Without Further ado:

I figured if you didn't care about the UI, at least you can stare at a dancing rocket bear.
The first thing that you will notice is that there are things EVERYWHERE! But overall, the center is free of junk and unneeded clutter. Now, Deadly Boss Mods does pop up crucial notifications over the top of Fuubaar's head.

Major Addons:
- Pallypower~ THE most important addon for every paladin! Even if you don't raid, this is still highly suggested. It allows for you (the paladin) or a Raid leader who isn't a paladin to assign Paladin Blessings for each class in a very easy to use grid. You can see it along the right hand side. Your assigned Aura is on the top, if your Righteous Fury is on, what time the next buff will expire (also if you click on it, it will rebuff that lowest time left person which in this case is our Priest with only 2 minutes and 31 seconds remaining), and each class and when their buff will expire. There are SO many other neat things that this baby can do. Again, I highly suggest this addon for all paladins and raid leaders.
- Grid~ A Raid UI replacement located on the bottom left hand side
- Tao UI~ A Total UI organizer. Can download different skin types with both girlie and masculine types.
- Fuubaars *cough* I mean Fubars~ Great organizer of all the Fu- Addons (Gold-Fu, Guild-Fu, Location-Fu, etc) Plus, it's named after me :-) (not really but I named Fuubaar before I knew what a Fubar addon was) Can be found all the way to the top
- Sexy Map~ Map replacement with more Sexy. Tao UI's work really nicely with this addon and blend seamlessly. Mainly gives you more customization for your Map.
- ElkBuffBars~ It creates a nice list of all buffs that are currently on your Toon at the time and Timers for each. Great for raids when you have MANY BUFFS! ElkBuffBars HANDLES IT! :-)
- Bartender4~ A perfect and easy to use Bar replacement. It allows for you to customize the size, location, transparency, and number of buttons that the row has. I highly recommend this to someone looking for a bar replacement but has a hard time understanding how to customize & use addons. My bars are scattered everywhere for different purposes.
- Deadly Boss Mods~ I have the timers up on the middle right hand side and boss abilities that are on me chime on top of my toon.
- Omen~ For keeping an eye on Threat from those pesky DPS who wants to steal the precious from us. THEY NO CAN HAZ PRECIOUS! (that was my lolcat rendition of Gollum and The 1 Ring)
- Recount~ Damage Meter that actually shows a bit more than just damage but what ever. I rarely use this on my tank because who gives two Kudos what my DPS or Damage Done is. Even IF you are topping the DPS charts in the Lich King fight ;-)
- Button Timers~ This places a large number over top of you button letting you know when it will be up again. Pretty self explanatory.

Other addons that I find hard to live without that are not found on my UI are:
- Auctioneer~ An Auction House assistant to make your gold making life much easier. It adds a lot of customization for searching and viewing all things Auction House.
- Postal~ Auto-Opens everything in your Mailbox and throws it into your bag be it items from the Auction House, Items from other locations (other alts or friends mailing you huge piles of mats for 10 days worth of raiding flasks), or Gold from successful actions or Friends just sending you gold because they love you dearly ;-) Saves TONS of time.
- Overachiever~ Great addon for those of you who love achievements. For example the: "All the Creatures that I've ever loved", Achievement where you have to /love critters all over the world. If you happen to hover your mouse over top of a critter, it will tell you if you've loved it or if you need to love it. Does this for multiple achievements.
- Chatter~ This addon alerts you when someone says your name. It pops up on your screen with the sentence that contained your name. Great for people who have blazing guild chats or just have far too many friends to be able to track who wants to contact you.

So that's pretty much it as far as addons go. If you have any questions or suggestions to help me improve my UI, PLEASE comment on this post because I would love to hear 'em!

<3 Your Friendly Neighboorhood Fuubaar


  1. Thanks for the addon list.

    Does Chatter work with nicknames? Say if some said "Fuu" instead of Fuubaar?

    ElksBuffBars looks tempting. Now can it also tell me what I SHOULD have based on the raid composition?

  2. @ Elkagorasa

    I'm un aware of Chatter being able to pick up nick names. People do tend to just call me Fuu. I'll have to dig around and see if you can set up the sensitivity of it.

    As to an addon that tells you what buffs you "SHOULD" have, I'm pretty sure there is some other addon that can do that for you. Elkbuffbars just organizes them for me & I just use my Eyes addons to pick out the major buffs ;-) I'm super anal about Paladin buffs so I guess I'm just keyed in to knowing what I'm looking for.

    Perhaps I just trust my fellow raiders to buff me.

    I will look into both of these questions once I get home :-)

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  3. Looking good at that UI! Elks is a part of every one I make!