Monday, September 20, 2010

A Few Random Points

If you were going to roll a Druid in Cataclysm, what heirloom gear would you get?  What are the most important pieces, assuming you can't afford them all?  Fuu is going to help me sift through what's available tonight (she's already done the heirloom thing a few times, while I have not).  I plan to post my shopping list later.

I guess as sort of a precursor to what gear you would get: what spec would you run?  I don't have (nor have I ever had) a healer in WoW, so I'm going to try to level Resto.  Sounds crazy, I know, but I'll at least always have Fuu with me, and probably the rest of my guild as many of us plan to do the whole Worgen thing (why not?).  Anyways, my plan, then, is to try to get gear that is good for both Resto and Boomkin type specs.  I think I'd eventually like to try a Feral spec, but it probably makes sense right away that if you're going Resto, you should look to increase your SP damage as well for leveling.

With the impending currency change, what happens to heirloom gear?  I'm assuming you won't be able to get it?  Does it change to be able to be bought for gold?  What about other emblem items?  I guess I'm just assuming all that stuff goes away, though I've not really seen anything concrete on the matter.  If you have, shoot me a link!  Part of my desire to go heirloom shopping now, tonight, is that I want to make sure I'm not left out of the rain come Cataclysm.

If, like me, you were struggling with Starcraft ladder matches, I'd like to pass on another tip: Work on the "guide" achievements.  Yeah, there are guide achievements!  I don't know about you, but I didn't really even look at these at first.  After working through some of them, however, I think they provide a good framework for working on your game.  The challenges are fun and helpful.  Also, playing solo against the AI helps.  From what I've done, it seems like "hard" AI is a good approximation of a player, at least in the early stages of the game.  It seems like if you weather the initial AI charge, it slacks off later and becomes a lot easier to beat.  Maybe I'm just a late-stage kinda guy, but that's my take on it.  I believe it's really helped me to sharpen my beginning build order, and I'll generally do one quick custom game vs. the AI as a warm-up.  Just make sure you create the game from the Custom Game area in the Multi-Player tab, otherwise you don't get credit towards the achievements.  Not that the points are worth anything, it's just nice to have a visual representation of progress.

Fuu and I actually hit up the RL movies this week.  I have one thought for this: an extra, mandatory $3.50 for "3D" features is a bunch of bologna.  It's not like it was optional.  (There was no 2D offered).

We wanted to see the new Resident Evil cinematic adventure.  We're fans of the series.  Not "opening night" fans, but folks who wouldn't mind shelling out the... holy hell, $10 for a single ticket?  When did that happen?  I know, I'm totally being an old foagie here, but it was $13.50 per person to see this movie. Good thing we had just eaten at a local Mexican resataraunt - a huge, delicious meal complete with a giant bowl-like glass of frozen margarita - for approximately the same price.  Thus, we didn't have to venture near the snack bar.  They might have charged us a buck for looking.

I know, I know, the theaters aren't evil in and of themselves.  It's things like the big production companies et al.  W/e.  I'm just whining here.  And dating myself.  Wait... not dating dating myself.  You know what I mean.

The movie wasn't terrible.  It was a fun flick for fans.  There were some snicker-worthy plot points (where did this huge ugly guy with the big axe come from?).  They had fun with the 3D too, though both of us can't wait until you get actual, immersive 3D, instead of just shit popping out at you from a flat screen.  Still, for a couple who mostly spends our time holed up in front of the LCD screen at home, I would call the night out a success even with my internal price cringing.  


  1. I would (and did) level my druid as feral. I'm not sure I would level any Resto because those times when you're not in a dungeon, it would take a long time for things to die. That may change in Cata, but that is why I would go feral.

    Things die quick. Still best to grab one mob at a time, but you have minimal downtime between pulls and if things do get hairy, you can drop a couple of heals on yourself and then go right back to smiting things.

    But that's me.

  2. Level Balance to 40, then Dual Spec. Same gear (basically) and you can quite happily solo quest as balance. For the first 40 levels you can heal in balance spec as well, so its (imho) the way to do it.

    Gear wise you want -

    Preened Ironfeather Shoulders
    Preened Ironfeather Breastplate

    if you can afford it, then also grab

    Dignified Headmaster's Charge
    2x Discerning Eye of the Beast

    and if you fish, then try and win yourself a Dread Pirate Ring for the ultimate in Heirloom load outs!

    Also... if you intend to do any PvP (which I highly recommend - boomy's do quite well and its a good fast way to level up) then you might consider the Wintergrasp version of the shoulders and staff to get resilience... personally I wouldn't for balance/resto druid, but I have them on my rogue... totally worth it!

    Don't forget to enchant your chest (stats) and staff (intellect or spirit). There are new heirlooms coming with Cataclsym (cloaks and helms I believe) which are a reward from the guild leveling system thingy. So look for a big levelling guild I guess to take advantage of that!

  3. If you don't have any heirlooms (and don't plan on Feral) I'd suggest getting the cloth shoulders and chest, so they're also useful to any mage, priest, warlock, holy paladin, elemental shaman or resto shaman alts you might have on that server (level 1 to 80).

    I believe after patch 4.0.1, existing heirlooms will be purchased using the new Justice Points (the ones your EoT/EoF morph into).

    btw +30 spellpower is currently the best enchant for an heirloom staff, though no idea how/if that will be changed come Cataclysm.

  4. If you are leveling through the dungeon finder, then feral or resto would be the way to go. If resto, then spec ballance as your off spec once you hit 40, for soloing stuff in the world. Realistically though feral is probably the best option. Get the Leather Shoulders / Chest, and the AGI 2H Mace if you can.

    Crusader or +15 Agi weapon enchant on the mace. 100 HP to chest.

  5. All right, thanks for all the advice! I'm going to post my overall plan tomorrow...

    My plan is totally not going to be the "best" or "easiest", so I'll probably be ignoring some of the things you guys said that makes sense.

    For instance, the getting cloth thing makes a lot of sense. However, the only cloth I ever plan to roll is my 'lock (I'm just not a big alt guy, this will only be my third toon in a little over 3 years!). I'll try to make a note in tomorrow's post about that advice though.

    Also, feral did pull at my strings, and at 85 I will probably try to go feral/resto. When leveling, though, I like to keep it simpler. Also, keep in mind that I almost never solo. I have a built in partner in my wife (at least until we have kids, right?), so I'm more interesting in the "duo-ability" than soloing. That's probably atypical though, so the advice of what works for solo is good.

    I had forgotten about the enchants too, totally a good point. I will be sure to mention that tomorrow.

    Anyways, TL/DR: thanks for the feedback! :-)

  6. Regarding the 3D thing, they have to use a different screen for 3D movies, and they are extraordinarily expensive. Thus, the expense is passed on to the customer. I don't think you can just flip the 3D aspect "on" and "off" though, so essentially, one theater room is reserved for 3D only. Pretty expensive to do.

  7. The projection equipment is expensive too. I'm actually quite fond of the whole 3D technology in general (I took some optics courses in college). I think they can use those rooms for regular showings too though. Like, in an IMAX it's the same screen. I know it has higher concentrations of metal in it, but that's supposed to be good for digital showings too.

    I'm sure in one way or another it's an expense that's being passed on though...