Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Dark Lord Approves

Finally picked up my top tier helm last night. I haven't really needed to upgrade my gear since, for a ten man group, I'm mostly decked out in the best you can get (for reasonable effort). The helm, however, was a minor upgrade, and I finally had amassed enough frost emblems to nab it. It was sort of a side-goal. Anyways, I think it looks suitably evil.

I feel like a Death Eater. 


  1. Sure does. Illidari Tabards really go well with the blue version, too, if you're looking for something. They're purple and green but look nice together (or so I seem to recall).

  2. hehe, I personally like the Warsong Gulch (PVP) tabard. I run without my cape showing, just so I can have the fangs showing.

  3. I'm so-so about tabards. Those are both good choices though.

    How can you be cape-less?! :-)

  4. Speaking of Capes, I would LOVE to have one that wraps around your shoulders and is floor length.

    That's like the epitome of Evil capes.

  5. Oh, BTW, that was what the rumored cape drop from the Troll reclaiming their lands event. A sort of 'over-cape' that would provide a more cosmetic view. Interesting if Blizz implements it. Betcha RP would love it..

  6. @ Elkagorasa

    That was the original intent of the "over-cloak" but they decided against it for some reason. I forget why... I'll have to dig it up from either wow.com or mmo-champion blue post.

    So yeah, we have an "over cloak" from the event that doesn't cover anything >.>

  7. *sigh* I want one. Love the Incredible's clips btw.