Friday, July 9, 2010

The Slippery Slope

Fulguralis jerked awake as his head threatened to fall off his fist and onto the wooden table. He was seated around the square piece of furniture in the dining room of the manor along with his sister, his wife, and his wife's cousin.  Fuubaar had been talking about something, but he just couldn't seem to remember what it was.  Marriage was like that sometimes.

The Warlock struggled to shake off the last vestiges of sleepiness as his eyes re-focused on the room.  It wouldn't do to let sleep overtake him now.  There were important things to do!  He tried to remember what those were, but they slid away into the fog in his brain as well.  Surely they were important, though.  Everything he did was colored with epic.  It was the way of the Warlock.  If it wasn't badass, he wasn't going to be doing it.

Fulguralis stared across the table, trying in vain to grasp the situation and think of something intelligent to say.  All that came out was, "Wha?"

The strange double timbre of his voice shocked him back into silence.  It sounded as if exact copies of the sound had come from both his mouth and his sister's next to him.  A quick glance confirmed she was still there, and she looked as bewildered as he felt.  Also, it was not his voice that had sounded, nor his sister's.  Upon reflection, it had been a third, unrecognizable vocal source.  What sort of sorcery was this? 

"Did you guys hear that?" Fulguralis and Decedereful asked in unison.  Yet, neither of their voices fit the characteristics of the sound.  It was foreign.  Alien.

Fuubaar and Abigora stared back in open astonishment, a matching look on both of their faces.  They both glanced synchronously to the left, then to the right, as if searching the room for some unseen foe.  Their eyes returned to center and focused on something above Fulguralis and Decederful's head.  In tandem, shock turned to fear.

"What is that?"  Fuubaar and Abigora gasped.  While the sound they made had a distinctly different tone than the first pair of voices, it was still quite obviously not their own.  Not to mention the fact that it emanated from them both at the same time as well.

Fulguralis and Decedereful both looked up.  Floating in the air inexplicably was a pattern of letters.  They turned back to Fuubaar and Abigora, noticing a similar script for the first time.

"You have them too," Fulguralis and Decedereful intoned, pointing like twins.

"What does ours say?" Fuubaar and Abigora queried.

"Ashley," Fulguralis and Decedereful read.  "Ours?"

"Matt," Fuubaar and Abigora answered.  "But, what does it mean?"

"I don't know," the Matts admitted in that awful double timbre.

The Ashleys stood quickly in a panic, knocking over both of their chairs.  "Why?  Why is this happening?"

The Matts held out their hands, "Just... stay calm, honey.  We'll figure this out."

"I don't want to figure this out!" the Ashleys screamed.  "I want it to go away!  I want it to be like it used to be!"

"What's done is done," the Matts intoned.  "We can only deal with what is."

The sound seemed to bounce menacingly in off the walls as the statement trailed off.  The reverberations echoed closer and closer, crashing in waves upon themselves.  The wooden walls seemed to shrink and close in.  It seemed as if the whole world was squeezing to a point.  Surely this was the end.  Somewhere, a screech.  Then, nothing.

Fulguralis bolted upright in the tent.  A cold sweat dampened his robe and made it cling to him.  His wife stood just inside the flap of the tent, eying him oddly.  She seemed to have just come in out of the night.  Redness rimmed her eyes as if she'd been crying, but she seemed otherwise in possession of herself.  For now at least.

"By the Light, you startled me!" she exclaimed.

Fulguralis was relieved when her voice and only her voice fell upon his ears.  "I am now."

Fuubaar raised an eyebrow, "Bad dream?"

Fulguralis nodded.  "It was so Real," he said in a loud whisper.  "I d..." he started but was cut off.

"Yeah well, sometimes things can be too real," Fuubaar replied, plopping down on the bed without changing.  "Just be glad it wasn't one of those damned prophetic dreams."

Fulguralis shuddered at the fading memory.  "Ugh, I sure hope not.  That's a Priest talent, right?"




  1. *giggle*

    Kudos to this... :)

  2. Oh Nice...

    "Fulguralis nodded. "It was so Real," he said in a loud whisper. "I d..." he started but was cut off."

    Be thankful we Mages can see into the future and act even tho it may mean our destruction ;-)