Thursday, July 1, 2010

QotD: What Piece of Armor did you hold onto the Longest?

Hey Gang!

As you may or may not know, Blizzard just dropped a Cataclysmic Bomb (yeah... I had to) on us yesterday. We are still waiting on the Closed Beta invites (I can haz invitez? kthx). Many of you are excited about the Ruby Sanctum and awaiting patiently to take over Gnomeregan or behead some crazy Troll King. I have yet to log on since our raid on Monday. Not only did we have the 24 hour maintenance, but I really didn't have much else to do in the game.

I could make more gold, I could level up one of my toons, I could take Fuu to the highest peak in Storm Peaks & jump off of it for pure enjoyment but nothing really excites me at the moment /sadface. I've got about 15k gold saved up and I already have 95% of the BoA gear purchased up for my new Worgen Mage. I'm pretty set for when the ball drops, so I'm not too concerned.

As I said before, I'm pretty much just logging in for raiding or the occasional Battleground with my lvl 63 huntard TamedFuu (yeah, crappiest name ever. She was my second toon that I ever created and I was an officer at the time. I felt that it was necessary for people to know who I was. I'll probably get her name changed if I get her to max level) Let me tell you, Battleground XP is sexy! Not only are you probably getting a 4th of a level every win, but you can save up and get really nice rewards with your honor. I even ran out & tamed a fluffy spider for a better BG experience. I have my Ghost Saber that I use for everything else but who can resist netting Horde into a web & making them your bitch while you gleefully prance around shooting them to death with a big grin on your face.


So, on Monday, we decided to reset our ICC 10-man ID and start over. Not only did we have a newbie come a long but Marrowgar the Bonestorm Queen was the weekly. Needless to say, it was hard to resist. We had an absolute blast in there with the new 25% buff. We could act like complete freakin idiots & the bosses would topple over like twigs in the breeze.

I didn't care too much because I'm there for the peeps not the purps.

Let me tell you about Fuubaar's Purp luck. She has ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK! I kid you not, if I couldn't buy gear with emblems that are a 100% drop, she would still be in blues & greens ><.  I've run every raid that has come out in WotLK multiple times and you know what? I'm one of those people who replaces the same items over & over because that's all I get. Monday night was a triumphant night for me. I finally replaced one of THEE hardest things to replace for a tank, their Shield. OMFG! I have been staring at my Wall of Terror from Naxx 25-man since ... well since when it was cool to run Naxx. I shit you not. I don't even know what do with myself now that I have FINALLY replaced that stupid thing with the Neverending Winter from the gunship battle. I've actually seen that shield drop once before but I let my co-tank have it because he was in WAY worse condition than I was. Now that's saying something about Shield Rarity.

Why does Blizzard allow for such key items to be so rare? I've seen that damn Skull Battalion thing drop off of Lady Deathwhisper every stinkin night. A shield for your tanks? Oh Hell no, we get jack shit for drops. It's totally bogus!

Rant incoming!

Tanks have it so horrible at the beginning of their tanking careers once they hit 80. It's unreal...

Once your fresh 80 decides to start collecting tanking gear (even if you've been doing it the entire time you were leveling through Northrend collecting tanking gear, it's still bad), you need to hit 535 Defense to be uncrittable for heroics and 540 Defense for Raids. This is a MUST to tank anything. Even if you are a point off, you get crit with such a low healthpool, down goes the tank. Now, does it say anywhere on ANYTHING for a new tank to magically know this number? Nope. They have to look it up or ask around. Today, I still see this question being asked in Trade chat. I very rarely ever see anyone asking about hit caps. That right there is why Blizzard is getting rid of it because they realize how stupid that is.

So you have your level 80 and you know what Defense cap you need to hit. How do you get there? Most try to scrounge up anything that has gobs of Defense on it (usually from the random quest rewards or making the Cobalt/Saronite Gear). What's the problem with Cobalt/Saronite Tanking gear? It has TONS of Defense but not much else. So what happens to the tank when they find an upgrade in their heroics? Well, it's going to be a really nice upgrade for them ... but wait... it drops them below the cap. Again, I know that DPS have a similar issue with Hit rating juggling. But really, are you completely unable to do your job without being capped? Your DPS might hinder a bit but you aren't completely lost. So that poor tank is unable to accept the huge upgrade until they can make up for it elsewhere. I still remember this part of gearing. It's completely disheartening and really deters new tanks from entering the LFD tool because they just can't gear up. Some people suggest that they should queue up as DPS and use their badges for tanking gear but I say why should it be that way? Why should someone be forced into a role that they don't enjoy just because it's inconvenient for someone else? Blizzard wants to encourage new tanks into the LFD tool but this is NOT the way to do it.

With the ultra mega gear inflation that occurred throughout the expansion, it has helped quite a bit for new tanks to quickly gear up from questing blues & greens into t-9 and t-10 stuff. The T-10 gear has SO much Defense on it that it's almost gross. Last time I checked on Fuu, she had 579 Defense. Like Whoa? Can I donate some of that excess fat to the newbies? Now being over the cap, isn't wasted like Hit is for DPS but it sure isn't as helpful as a pure stat like +Stamina or +Dodge.

Then comes the transition from each Patched Raid that came out in WotLK. In Naxx, it was get your grubby little hands on anything that is purple & is made for a tank. I think that the gear that dropped in here was really spread out and the stats were balanced. I remember really sticking with + Block gear because it was yummy :) When Ulduar came out, it felt choppy. I remember very few tanking drops at the beginning of the instance and it was hard to get any deeper for our raiders than Hodir. I did get the +Stam Iron Trinket from Ignis (which I'm still wearing) but I don't remember many other upgrades from there. Most of the problems were that it was a huge step up in difficulty & we didn't have much time to get very deep into it before ToC came around. Everyone quickly stopped raiding Ulduar to get the bigger & better stuff from ToC.

For all of the Raids Prior to this, it was stack as much Dodge as you could possibly muster. So, not only was the gear not dropping, but there was a specific mindset for a certain type of gear. So anything that did drop was built around that mentality of YOU MUST DODGE ALL! And you know what happened? The Chill of the Throne was a huge smack in the face for many of these Dodge stacking maniacs. For those few of us who attempted to balance our stats actually came out of top. It was hard for those tanks to rethink and re-do everything that they had worked hard for by re-gemming, re-enchanting, and rearranging their gear to match the new Hotness of Effective Health & Armor that ICC demanded.


Wow, sorry about that. I have no clue where that came from. Passionate tank is Passionate. Now I must make this clear, that rant was from my prospective only. This is not to say that every tank had horrible luck through each Raid. Or as bad as mine was. I'm ranting because it upsets me that a fellow raider & I wanted to tank with our ICC raiders but felt quite inadequate when we first arrived. We ended up doing more than fine and made up for the lack of gear with skill, which I am the most proud of :-).

Needless to say, Poor Fuubaar has been wearing a 221 lvl Shield & a 221 Necklace from 25-man Naxx for over a year now. She also wore her Alchemy Trinket well into ToC.

So, here's my question for you (if I didn't scare you off with my Holy $#!& rant):

What was the piece of gear that you held onto the longest throughout the expansion? Was it intentional or unintentional? If you had a piece of gear that you just kept for sentimental value, have you replaced it yet? What did it feel like? Tell me the Story :-D

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. My main, a holy paladin, has had just as poor luck with shields as your tank! You know the healing shields from 10 & 25 ICC? They don't exist. I swear. I wore the ilvl200 emblem shield until the ICC 5-mans came out and I got the Protector of Frigid Souls in regPOS. I've been using that ever since. Finally in desperation I took the "Scourgelord's Battalion" So what, +hit? I'm not wearing a shield from a regular dungeon one minute longer! No no NO NO NO! <-- imitates XT

    My BF has been wearing the crafted 245 tank breastplate for over a year. I think he's getting sick of it.

  2. See? That damn Battalion Drops for EVERYONE! Really blizzard is it THAT required for everyone to have it that everything else on her loot table takes a back seat?

    I mean, you could be one of those DPS types who randomly vender their Off-hand ;)

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  3. For me it was the Platiunum Mesh Cloak. The tanking cloak you can get for 25 emblems of valor (Naxx25, ilvl 213). In two tiers of raiding, I couldn't get a better cloak to drop. Consequently, my first emblem of frost purchase was a new cloak: Sentinel's Winter Cloak.

    That and the Bubbling Brightbrew Charm trinket. I was always hoping to upgrade to the Heart of Iron from Ulduar, but the one time I saw it drop, some pally got it. Oh well, I hear she put it to good use. ;)
    (Oh yeah, my 2nd frost emblem purchase was a new trinket.)

  4. for my lock it's wands. I think there's one in a ICC. (OK 2 for 10-man groups). At least there's a fairly decent triumph badge wand available for purchase.

  5. It's not only tanks with bad luck in shields :D

    My holy pally had KT's shield from Naxx25 for over a year before I got Marrowgar's shield from 25 last march (?). The thing is, my noble iLvl 223 (or something) shield won everything else that dropped from anywhere else, like the ToC10 crap-shield. Getting a new shield was something I'd almost given up hope for.

    With my druid I've had the most imba (not) blue trinket for quite long... I actually wore that trinket to our first LK kill -.-

  6. I would just like to see a 226/232 shield available from badge vendors. I've had the same 3 ilvl 200 shields since I hit 80. Started with Titansteel, geared up to take the badge shield, eventually got(3 months ago) the shield from CoS. I've lost the roll on every other shield that's dropped, including a roll on the reg HoR shield to a druid before they made it impossible to roll if you can't use the item. That druid one REALLY pissed me off and I shelved my tank for about 1 month afterward.

    In total I have lost 18(!!) rolls for shields, and an upgrade would be fantastic at this point. It's my only item lower than 226.