Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Misadventures of a Huntard: Nagrand Style

Tamed Fuu has been by far one of the most neglected alts that I can even think of. She was the second toon I rolled after Fuubaar. I would have to say that I think she was created before Wrath was even out. I wanted to roll a hunter because... well, why does anyone want to roll a hunter?

-Pets are cute
-Shooting guns/bows are pretty sweet
-They are almost indestructible as far as Classes go
-Very easy to catch on to a simple rotation

So I named her Tamedfuu and off I went. I believe I got her around level 40 before I totally abandoned her somewhere. It wasn't because I hated her. To be honest, I can't even remember why I stopped. So one of our RL friends wanted to start playing the game and I rolled a Priest for the Recruit a friend thing. I ended up gifting Tamedfuu my additional levels maxing her out at level 60.

Again, I left Tamed in Shatt awaiting the moment when I had some down time.

Fast forward to a week ago:

Oh look! Some free time!

I've had the chance to occasionally do a couple of Battlegrounds with her and all of one random dung. (yes I'm calling them dung now) I'm leveling her Beastmaster like any sane individual. I slowly (I mean F-ing slowly) got her out of Hellfire and decided to head off to my favorite zone in all of outlands: Nagrand! Who doesn't love this place? It's green, lush, has floaty islands with waterfalls, and it has the Nesingwary Hunter Quests. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to get my hunter from 64-68 :-)

So I head up north to the Nesingwary Camp from memory (which I must warn you is quite dangerous). Sure enough, I found it with out too much problem. I picked up the three quests:
-Kill 12 Birds
-Kill 12 Talbuks
-Kill 12 Clefhoofs

Easy as pie. Send in Harlow, put up a hunters mark, smash keys to victory! I was about half way through the kill quests when my little Draenei stated the most horrifying words that a hunter can hear "You are out of Ammo"


Ok, no worries, Halaa is close & we own it. They should have an ammo vendor there & I can just come back. So I wander over to find that all of the NPCs are missing. Oh FFS! Hello level 80 horde. Yes, thank you so much for coming out to this remote location & screw with level 60s. Damn it! So, now what?

I remembered that there is a large questing hub to the south for Alliance called Telaar. Wandering around a bit, I did end up finding it. Hurray! Now, why wont anyone speak to me :-(

I pick up the only quest that is available to me at this time. Some quest about killing Ogres and one of them drops some sort of plans... Oh great, a killing quest with no ammo. This should be humorous.

So this is what it feels like to use Mongoose & Raptor Strike on the back side of an ogre. Not my finest Hour.

So I got the plans to drop with only a minor inconvenience & scarring to my pride. So I run back to turn it in only to find "Now I need you to kill MOAR ogres AND talk to some ultra Mega Ogre on the top of the Ogre Hill with TONS of linking Ogres" "You must finish this before you are allowed to talk to our people" You bitch! I have gold that I will give you for some pointy sticks to throw!

Mother of Pearl... Harlow! Stop Mooning the Ogres!

So I brutally fought my way up the hill towards Lump the Ogre. I sent Harlow in & put my hunters Mark up and ran in for the melee attack when all of a sudden a level 71 Blood Elf Paladin landed next to Lump and killed him. Lucky for me, I had tagged him before the Surprise bombing. I thought maybe he was trying to be helpful since I looked so desperately pathetic. So I /cheered him on & /bow'ed towards this interesting fellow. I finished my quest and talked to Lump on the hill. Out of no where, this paladin started spamming "Duel" requests. WTF is wrong with this guy? Not only am I seven levels below him, but I'M MELEEING! What the hell did you think was going to happen? A close victory? I kept declining it and he kept spamming. I wish there was an emote that I could say "Tamedfuu is out of ammo you twatburgler." After about 5 more requests, he finally /chicken'ed me and flew away. What a wonderful lad...

What ever! I have my quest completed and now to get my damn ammo! I ride back to Telaar and check each of the vendors to find the one who sells arrows.

ICE CREAM!?! WTF am I suppose to do with that? Throw it at the Ogres? Well, actually that's not a bad idea if I do say so myself...

Maybe I can fashion an arrow out of this quill. Harlow, get off of the bed and stop scratching your ass. Do I need to get you monkey ass cream?

Oh here are the arrows...

So I finally broke down and asked someone in the area. I found this lovely Warrior gal (Thank you SOOOOOOOOO Much Marish! You are a life savor!)  who made circles around Telaar just to save me more humiliation (if there was such a thing) She found me the vendor and I bought up 3,000 arrows.

The thing is, even after almost three years of playing this game, I find out something new. Did you know that you can flag ammo vendors from the mini- map? Yeah, well, WHY WOULD I? Lousy DPS and their stupid consumables. *grumbles*

Since I wasn't having a great track record, I let Harlow pick the next questing area.

Lucky me...


  1. I fear what sort of poo-picking quests Cata will bring...

  2. @ Cygnia

    Oh, I believe that there will be one & I'm going to have to assume that my Gorilla will have a hay day doing it :)

    I think the stories behind the "poo quests" are always humorous even if they are quite Childish in nature.

    Who doesn't love a good Poop joke?

    <3 Your friendly neighborhood Fuubaar

  3. Why didn't you just fly to Shat to get the ammo?

  4. Because that would have taken thought... And apparently I don't have that :-/ I finally thought about it when I was all of the way out in telaar bit I figured what was the harm in a small amount of embarassment if I just stuck it out... Plus I'm stubborn as all hell.
    If I would have just gone to shatt, you wouldn't have has this fun adventure to read :)
    <3 your friendly neighborhood fuubaar