Monday, July 12, 2010

Komm Doch Mit

Come along. Come with me on this journey through my feedreader today.

(As an aside: the title of the post was actually pilfered from the front of my old German text book.  We always sort of snickered about it because, while the book was good and taught us the language and all, it was sort of like a prescription med commercial.  It was all "come along" and had a group of people and a puppy frolicking in some sort of safely ambiguous scene.  Our teacher was totally the embodiment of the whole don't judge a book thing too.  Picturesque Grandmothery sort of woman.  Used to tell us stories about getting in fights growing up in crazy, post-war circumstances.  We're talking serious fights, too... not like pushing matches.  More like eating the curb style.  She would also inadvertently teach us German swear words too.  Once she let slip, she'd totally explain the word and make us all pronounce it back correctly.  Funny stuff.  Scheisse... Klasse, noch einmal.)

 Grade-school anecdotes aside, here is my play-by-play as I wade through the reader:
  • I'm so glad Jessabelle is back.  I missed her during her hiatus.  Which is weird because I still hung out with her at least once a week, but it didn't sate my desire for snarky satire.
  • BBB even liked the snark, but I'm more excited about his PBeM post.  And Bear, hell yes I remember Terin and have been theorizing what he's been up to for like the past six months or w/e.  Not that I don't enjoy the WoW-related stuff.  I'm just not a druid and that's all you really write about. ;-)   
  • My plan to get rid of Gnomeaggedon failed.  That's right, RealID was totally devised by me and the rest of the Dark Coven to off a few mages.  Since Gnomer is obviously the source of all credible mage knowledge (being only one of two mage blogs), then we figured to cut off the snake's head.  In other news, you should see my garden.
  • You did hear that the plan failed, right?  Did ya get the memo?  It's just that we're putting a new cover on all of our... you get the idea.
  • I like this memo better.  It's more topical.  My brother-in-law is a huge Cleveland fan.  I'm repressing the desire to call him up and gloat.  It's only fair since he does it to me all the time.  However, I'm classier and more diabolical than that.  I'll have a LBJ fathead shipped to his house.  Dressed in white, of course.
  • Chas sums up (and what a large sum it is) my thoughts on the looming talent changes nicely.  I generally take all proposed changes with a grain of salt, but tree changes, especially the locking you in early, seem like an elegant solution to an over-bloated problem to me.
  • One word.  Dragons.  Love the pictures.  Dragons are mah fave.  
And I'm pretty much clear now.  Only non-WoW related blogs left (yeah, those do exist!).  One of the great things about internet drama is that it can spawn so much creativity.  I mean, I know we all had a plethora of different (mostly negative) views regarding this whole RealID thing, but some of the means of expression were unique and entertaining in their own right.  Without adversity, we often fall into the boring doldrums of habit and repetition.  It's good to shake things up every now and then.  It makes for good material.

Let's be honest.  Everything going smoothly is just not funny or entertaining.  You gotta have some nutshots thrown in there for good measure.  Nutshots are the spice of life.


  1. I'm guessing you have a few Gnome garden Mages in that garden... Be warned, we come to life when you sleep and sh&t all over your lawn... You thought it was dogs didn't you?

  2. lol. It was ironic because we were totally pulling weeds and mulching this weekend... you know rare domestic shit for the 'lock/pally duo.

    All of my garden gnomes are properly enslaved and encased souls... of course.