Monday, July 26, 2010

Feat of Random

No, Gnomeaggedon, I will not tell people about the random fora of lesser classes. I have the Warlock's Den and that's all I need. Kthxbye.

I don't know what Jess is doing on my wife's leg, but I can agree with the not talking about beta shit until I get some firsthand experience.  Which, since I've not opted in to be considered for beta testing, will be when the shit goes live.  That's just how I roll.  Though sometimes I do feel the urge to comment... what good are principles if you can't be a hypocrite about them sometimes?  I take no responsibility for Fuu's postings though.  She devours beta information like a ravenous ghoul.  Or a felpup that just sniffed a Mage.

I guess my point above was just that this isn't necessarily a "super news zone" or a "spoiler free" zone.  Read at your own risk.

I don't really care what they do to the Warlock class as long as it ends up feeling warlocky.  If they make me feel like a damn Mage, I'll frostfire my account or something.  It takes a lot to disappoint me, though.  I also don't really mind if they make stuff simpler and more transparent.  People can go anywhere for a burger.  They come to Chotchkey's for the attitude and the atmosphere.

First aid got maxxed out the other night.  Take that healers.

Engineers should be able to make some sort of funneling device with an attached hollow cylinder whereby you could utilize the potential energy provided by gravity to accelerate the consumption of all mana-regenerative beverages.  If frat-boys can master the beer bong, you'd think mages could conjure that shit with their strudel.  Mana Bong ftw.  I'll do one.

SCII will be purchased and played, just not right away.  I'm rather busy atm.  Maybe in two weeks.  Or maybe tomorrow.  Business is only a state of mind.

If I wrote a novel, would you publish it?  WTB literary agent.  It could happen, right?  Beats the hell out of this 98-56 grind.

Apparently a lot of my female coven members are getting knocked up.  My wife is concerned about this, but breeding is merely one of many tools for world domination.  (Grats to all you pregger 'locks out there.  Don't freak out when the doctor totally treats you like a summoning portal.  Where do you think they got that animation?)

Why can't Worgen become Shaman?  I mean, they already have fist weapons.  I wanna go Wolverine on some bastards. 

Is that enough randomness?  I'm expecting a dead Sindy tonight.  We shall see.


  1. I'm glad you won't mention that new forum for the lesser classes.

    Although I should point out that one of the very first threads was all about Warlocks. No, not about Fire Mages becoming the new Warlocks in Cataclysm... Dot, dot, dot.

    No this one was "What do you call a Warlock... That is dead on the floor.

    My contribution... A honor kill

  2. "What do you call a Warlock... That is dead on the floor"

    Drain Tanking!

    Ba dum ch!

    <3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar

  3. I am messing with a destr lock in beta and I feel like a mage, time to go back to affliction

  4. Yeah, I generally steer clear of destro for that reason. Just rubs me wrong.