Friday, July 23, 2010

Extra Crispy

Decedereful's burning blue eyes fluttered open and stared at the wooden beams above her.  Her head was a pounding mass of pain, and she felt vaguely... crispy.  Sitting up slowly, her dead skin felt as if it was crinkling with each tiny movement.  It was really rather unnerving.  And painful.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Just where do you think you're going," a kindly male voice said.

Decedereful swiveled her head in an attempt to locate the sound, but immediately regretted the action.  Her vision swam and pain shot down her spine.  Through the haze, a rather striking young man materialized.  He had short, dark hair and piercing baby blue eyes.  His shoulders were broad, but not overly muscled, and there was a youthful ebullience to his demeanor.  The world had yet to sour him. 

"You got hit pretty hard, there.  In fact, you're probably be dead except for... well... erm..." he trailed off uncomfortably.  An awkward silence stretched.  "Well, in any case, I did the best I could.  I'm still learning this healing stuff, but I'm told I'm pretty decent at it."

Decedereful's vision cleared completely, giving her a better view of the young man who had pulled up a chair to settle nearby.  She was in a small room of what she was sure was an inn.  It had all the telltale signs.  Lumpy mattress.  Stale, disinfected air.  Overly polished surfaces.  No personalized adornments.  A generic room for a generic purpose.  Now if she could only remember how she'd gotten there.  Had she been drinking again?

The skin of her eyelids seemed to crackle as she blinked.  "Um?  Thanks?"  Was that what she was supposed to say?  She didn't want to be rude, but she had more important things to do than lie around in bed.  Surely she did.  There was a time for pleasure and a time for...  A huge hole gaped in her memory that swallowed the last several weeks right up until she'd woken.  What had she been up to?  She could recall vague snippets of conversation with her brother, his minions, some slick fella in a tent, and... Jaina?  She had voluntarily talked to that crybaby?  Ugh.  She must have hit the Dwarven Ale extra hard.

Putting one crinkly hand to her forehead, she said, "Where am I?"

The young man's face lit up with a disarmingly dazzling smile, "My room here in lovely Hell.  Or Honor Hold as they call it."  He spread his arms in a grandiose gesture.  "After you got smoked by that meteor, I got you to some cover.  It was pretty wicked... erm... sorry."  It seemed awkward pauses flourished around the young man. 

"Hm... A meteor you say?" Decedereful said.  What the fel am I doing in Honor Hold

"Yeah, we get a light dusting from time to time around here."  The young man shrugged and Decedereful noticed for the first time that a pattern of strange, light scars crisscrossed his face beneath several days worth of unshaven stubble.  It looked like he had been in a rather vicious knife fight.  Or made love to a cat-form Druid.  Either or.

Decedereful struggled to her feet with a groan.  She needed to get out of here.  Mornings after were not her forte.  Even platonic ones.   Especially platonic ones.  If she could just get out of the Outlands and back to the manor, she'd be able to sort out her shattered memories.  Then she could get back to business.

"Where are you going?" the young man said she stumbled towards the door. 

"What's it to you, soldier boy?" Decedereful snipped, harsher than intended.  She wished that when life had abandoned her, that it had taken pain with it. 

The cute man frowned, "I ain't no soldier anymore, toots.  The captain don't take it too lightly when you go runnin' off with a girl in the midst of an attack."

Guilt.  Life could have taken that too.  "I was hardly a damsel in distress.  It's not like I could die more."

"Sure," he smiled again.  It really was a dazzling smile.  "How's that strat workin' for ya?"

Decedereful frowned.  "What did you say your name was again?"

"I didn't."

Another awkward pause.

He raised a hand and stroked the shadow on his chin.  "For now, you can call me Sham Wow."

"Oh, that's clever," Decedereful replied dryly.  She took another step towards the door and then looked back, crinkles and all.  "Well, let's go then, Mr. Wow.  Who knows when I might need rescuing again."

The young man leaped off his seat to follow.

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