Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do Gamers Hibernate?

Short one today. One of those question deals where I'm counting on you guys to fuel discussion.  As summer quickly approaches fall, we stand on the verge (or just over the verge as the case may be) of some exciting releases.  SCII is out.  Cataclysm cometh.  I'm hitting up GenCon next week and there is a BlizzCon scheduled for this fall too.  There are plenty of nerdy things to do. 

Summer always seems to be a dead time, but is it just me or is fall f-in crazy?  It seems to be a recurring feeling for me where I skid into Christmas with a list of things I didn't quite get to.  That isn't to say I try to wait until Christmas, I think patience isn't a typical gamer quality, but it's more that as I age and get busy with things like RL, I just don't have the time to knock out all the games that interest me. 

Is it just me or is this more poignant in the fall?  I mean there are economic reasons for fall releases, and a strong Q4 makes sense.  Who doesn't want to finish the year on a high note?  But do we almost end up being the gaming equivalent of RL bears?  Are we gorging ourselves prior to the winter freeze, where we'll be confined indoors until spring?  Do we feel the call of nature to acquire a horde hoard of games just in case we need to snack while it's frigid outside? 

I guess the point I'm getting at is that there is a definitely flow to my gamerisms.  That flow centers around a fall-ish binge and a summer purge.   I mean it makes sense when you think about things like the weather, but what if you hail from the Southern Hemisphere?  Gnomeaggedon, help me out here, do you flip flop gamer seasons with us like weather, or do we follow the same patterns despite which way our toilet water may spin?  Saresa, you can chime in too, you panty-burning Aussie.  (Or anyone else from those regions of the world... I just picked those two off the top of my head.  For some reason, they're the first that pop to my mind when I think of nether regions.)

Maybe it's just the natural passing of the seasons that makes it feel more poignant to me today, but I can't help but feel this impending sense of electronic busy-ness looming on my horizon.  Is it that time of year again already?


  1. We are pretty much the same, the weather is just different (btw, toilets flush the same way whereever you are... scientifically proven, it just depends if there is a starting turbulence to get it rolling).

    The big issue down here is that at the same time as all the new great things go on sale for your indoors period, they call come out for our outdoors period.

    Still, as long as the days may become, there is still night time, there are still days that are too hot to go outside, there are still times to play with the sack of booty delivered under the tree.

    When the soles of your feet are too burnt from the hot beach sand, what are you going to do? yeah, put your feet up and take some bosses down!

  2. I've never really understood the lax times... but then I've been 'blessed' with a scottish complexion in an unforgiving climate... so I tend to hibernate at all times getting my tan from the glow of a computer monitor.. not that that has stopped me from getting a (thankfully benign) skin cancer.

  3. @Gnomer - You're making me jealous with all the talk of beaches. I only have cornfields where I am, so the biggest danger to my feet is rusty nails in the barn. :-)

    @Gameldar - Well, during summer I do tend to be busier. Not just because it's nice, but also because that's when people seem to schedule a lot of things (like weddings). I'm probably one of the less extreme "ebbers" because I will still have days when I just don't want to go anywhere.