Friday, June 18, 2010

What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

Look at them all, out there, casting away.  They're all so blue.  There are blue flashes of light, blue robes, and blue steel.  Even fire seems blue from in here.  Fire shouldn't be blue, that's ridiculous.

It's so cold.  I don't like the cold.  I would really like to make some fire right now, but my arms seem to be pinned at my sides.  I suppose I could create fire without gesturing, but that's no fun.

You know they're missing me right?  You know she's missing me.

Everything is so muffled.  I'd bet it's really loud out there with the rest of them.  I'd bet those big flashes of light make a lot of noise.  Still, it's no crackling fire.  Boy, I could use some fire right now.

Is it just me or does everything seemed so slowed?  I feel like they're all moving through water outside.  The blue doesn't help.  It's like they're all swimming as some sort of grotesque, semi-synchronized death machine.  A death boat?  For a death boat, it's curiously devoid of fire.  A proper death boat should have flames.

They totally need me.  See how they keep hiding behind me?  I should get back to making that fire, but it's just so slow and peaceful in here.  And quiet.  Sometimes quiet is good.

Okay, something is wrong.  There is a black spot at the edge of my vision.  It isn't blue.  Nope, definitely black, and black is certainly not blue.  If there is one color I know, it's black. 

See!  There are more of them.  And they're congealing together.  That can't be good.  I think I've had enough blue now.  I'm ready to rejoin the fray now.

Ah, burning.  Finally.  Of course, the burning is in my chest and not outside like I wanted.  Did I really accidentally just create a fire in my chest?  I don't remember casting a spell, but the burning is there.  And the black.  Black and blue.  Can I get some orange and red?  Who do I have to enslave to get some color in here?

Hello!  I'd tap on the walls of this poor crystalline imitation of a casket if I could move my arms.  You guys need to get me out!  I need to make fire!  I'm going to fire all over my robes if you don't let me out.  Seriously.  Not. Funny.

Do you think Unending Breath works in ice?

Nope.  Not so much.  Hey!  Sparky!  Come over here and nom on this.  You've got a warm, demonic tongue.  That should count for something right?  Besides, you can't reach that flying pile of bones from where you are.  You're just going to strain yourself jumping up and end up in another realm again.  I do hate having to fish you out of the nether during a fight.  It's such a bother.

Oh Light.  The fire is spreading.  I think my eyeballs are going to pop out to escape the heat.  There's also more black than blue now.  Stupid blue.  Someone is going to be in some serious pain when I get out of here. 

Medivh's Chessboard that was loud!  What the fel was that cracking sound?  Are those spiderwebs in front of my face.  I could see better without all this damn black in the way.  Seriously. Shoo, shadow!  I command you!  Why won't you obey?  You always have before.  Are you cheating on me too?

Spiders, why did it have to be spiders?

It's... getting... really... dark.  Fire... is... uncontrollable.  Must... OW!  Well, there's color again.  And air.  Sweet, sweet air.  Took you guys long enough.  That's the last time I'll be the ice shield for you orcholes. 

Sindragosa!  You overgrown bone chicken.  Not cool.  Come down here here and fight like a... um... skeletal being.

Whatever.  Eat fire, bitch.