Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unchained Post

Apparently, I'm a magnet for the Instability debuff on the Sindragosa fight. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this is the ranged caster debuff that stacks every time you cast a spell.  You can basically only go up to five stacks before you have to wait for it to drop off.  I don't know anyone who enjoys the buff, but it's hell for an Affliction Warlock, let me tell ya.  It's not just damaging casts that it counts, but life taps and usages of your dropped 'lock portal too.  Everything.  I suppose it's encouragement to break out the wand, but F that.  So what ends up happening is that I get to refresh my dots really early (because of course they're going to fall off while I'm waiting for the debuff to clear) and I get to squeeze in a couple shadow bolts.  Then, I have to sit for 3 seconds doing nothing before getting back into the rotation.

I end up with this sort of flow: SB, UA, Haunt, SB, SB (or Life Tap)... wait for the buff to drop to about 1.5s, then queue up another SB to start the pattern over.  This keeps all my DoTs refreshed (the SB usually just barely catches Corruption) and minimizes my downtime.  It's not so bad until you get an unexpected Nightfall proc or sucked into Sindy's range and need to port back out.  I've been known to accidentally get 6 stacks, but as long as you don't make a habit of it, it's not killer.  It gets even harder in phase two when you're supposed to be doing a lot of target switching between the ice tombs and Sindy.   With a few DoTs on each, I'm almost constant at the 5 debuff limit.  I feel like I spend more time waiting for the damn thing to drop off than fighting, and I get it every time.  Does it target based on activity or something?  Because it can't be random.

In any case, on our first night of attempts, we're consistently getting the frosty dragon down to around 20-25%.  Phase 2 is killing us.  There's just a lot to pay attention to in the fight, and it's all thrown together at the end.  Any suggestions for how your crew handles it?  Right now we all try to group up behind the tomb, killing it ASAP, then whoever gets marked next goes away from us and the group moves to the next tomb when it's up.  We kind of end up going back and forth between two tomb spots and the tanks try to run out when they're not doing the tanking to clear their magic buffet.  (Which is far funnier if you pronounce is like an all-you-can-eat and not like, you know, a blast of wind).  What really ends up happening right now is a clusterfuck.  Rich, chocolatey clusterfuck.  Mmm.

INSTABILITY(4): Well, apparently I'm going to have to wrap this post up soon because otherwise I might die.  I hit enter and the debuff popped up.

INSTABILITY(5): Damnit! You mean those two little sentences counted as a paragraph?  It was an aside, not actual content.  WTF?

INSTABILITY(6): Great, now I'm really screwed.  I hope the healers are really on it today.  Speaking of being "on it", let's talk about Warlock Glyphs....




  1. We struggled on this for a few nights, but I started putting a marker down where the frost tombed person was going to drop the tomb in phase 2 (flare or elder moonstone works) and it really helped.

    We have it placed by Sindragosa's back legs mostly. They drop it at the marked spot, it gets dpsed down then they run back up the stairs where the ranged are grouped, or to the front if they are melee. It means that there's no tombs popping up between healers and tanks, and we try and alternate who drops their stacks behind the tomb each time (about half the raid at once). The tanks call out when they are going to drop stacks so we make sure they have enough time to get behind the tomb before it gets dpsed down.

    As long as the tombs go down fast and people move away from the marked spot once they have dropped stacks, it works well - we can run into trouble if people don't move quick enough and end up with an extra person (or *coughs* three) tombed. It does get pretty hectic though!

  2. You should be able to take 5+ pretty reliably - making your last a drain until the debuff falls off ekes out a bit more DPS. It's balls, by the way, that the puppy won't eat this inherently magical debuff.

    We tend to have melee take out the tombs, and alternate left/right on positioning. You shouldn't need to stand behind every block (unless you have UCM), and even if you do, just stand behind until she pulses the buffet, sidestep and nuke away.

  3. Is this 10 or 25m? How many casters are you running with? On 10m (not sure of the numbers on 25) it will always target one "healer" and one "caster DPS". We tried to cheese this on heroic by having our elemental shaman spec resto and then DPS, but then our other 2 casters spent 50% of the fight with unchained. If you're the only DPS caster, you will indeed have it every time.

  4. We do the heroic mode like we do the achievement, with the tanks at opposite ends of Sindragosa, we drop the first frost tomb up near her foreleg, and the second down towards her hind leg. Melee and the first tank will hide behind the foreleg one and dps it down, and drop it when their stacks drop. The 2nd tank, and the range will handle the hind leg one. Basically Sindragosa flips directions with each tank switch. Also the healers are split between the two tombs so that only 1 is dropping stacks at a time.

    Didn't notice if it was Hard or Regular mode. If its hard, yeah, 5 stacks is as much as you want, if regular, you can probably go up to 12 or so if you communicate with your healer about when you are dropping them.

  5. @ Will

    Very insightful about the tanking prespective. It's been feeling a little strange on how to swap her properly.

    Thank you! We'll definately have to try this technique.

    <3 Fuu

  6. 300,000 friggin thousand hit points! That's what we got Sindy down to last night (stupid mistakes). Playing my Shadow Priest as I am still working on gear on my Lock (getting fourth piece of T-10 tonight...yay).

    I pushed to 10+ stacks of UCM last night as we noticed the first phase was taking a bit to get through. With reduced damage Shadow Priest take and shield or dispersion when you get pulled in I only took about a 25% health hit. Of course I checked with the healers first to make sure this would not tax them. We got to the last phase before we knew it to everyones shock and had more than 3 min. well in to last phase.

    Have a Rogue that is better geared than my Priest which we thought about bringing for ice block duty but then our Boomkin would get the debuff all the time which is beyond crazy. So Sindy lives albeit only for one more week because she is going down!

  7. Awesome pointers. Thanks guys.

    For the record, we're def on 10-man reg. I figured I wasn't completely in tune with the mechanic yet. And yes, I would be the only ranged, magical DPS (we have two hunters and one ele shammy that was resto for the fight so we could learn/survive longer), hence... yes it would always be on me. Fie.