Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Alts in Cataclysm

Hey Gang!

With all of these random info vomit piles that are spewing out of Ghostcrawler's little crabby pinchers (I dont believe crabs have mouths.. just mandibles. Which I guess could be considered a "mouth" but that's neither here nor there.) about the new and up coming changes awaiting for us in Cataclysm, I'm not going to talk about much of that right now.  So, if that's what you're looking for /shoo.

What I do want to highlight from this past weekend's info dump was in regards to Bind on Account gear. To sum up, all new characters (this includes Goblins & Worgens) can use your acquired BoA gear for Cataclysm.

"You've earned them"

List includes:

-1/2 handed weapons (that's 1 to 2 not .5 because only allowed to use half of a weapon would sorta suck)
- Trinkets
- Ring (I just found out that there was such a thing as a BoA ring. It's a reward for winning the new Walrus Fishing Tournament on Saturday's)

THEN you also have a choice of how you want to aquire these. Either Emblems of Heroism or Stonekeeper Shards. Heroism = PvE & Stonekeeper = PvP.

The Dev's went on to state that you can use these BoA pieces from 1-80 and new BoA gear will be implemented for 80-85. At least that's to my understanding of their comment. Over all, that's pretty exciting news for people who do plan on rolling a new toon when the expansion comes around. I will be one of them!

Now, I must warn you, I get UBER bored at work (I have a hurry up & wait sorta job). So, I do what any bored person does... MAKES LISTS! >.> maybe that's just me. I make GOBS of lists. Lists of Goals for me when I get home, lists of Achievements that I want to finish, reminders of things that I need to do before the raid, on & on.

Anyways, I've been making lists on what I would need for this new Female Worgen. I've been tossing around ideas of what class & spec I want this little wolf to be. Since I already have a tank & a healer, I need a DPS. Yes, I know that I could dual spec my tank or healer to fulfill my DPS needs but I just don't really enjoy PvE DPS of either of my 80s.

Ok, Side tangent: How does someone level a toon from 1-80 with one spec and then at 80 work with a completely different spec? I just couldn't do it. I leveled Fuu Prot all the way up & felt very comfortable with it when I hit 80. I had practice with all of my new spells slowly and I didn't feel so pressured when I started running instances right away. I could never image leveling as Retribution and then once I hit 80 flip over & be "pro" at tanking in Prot. I had a similar feeling with my Priest. I leveled her as half shadow, half Disc priest. Once I hit 80, I switched to Disc & attempted to heal. I just didn't feel really comfortable with it & switched full shadow. Come to find out I failed at both specs ><. Abigora has been many hats until I tried PvP and that's where she'll stay. Maybe it's different for Pure DPS classes switching from one spec to the other since you're still doing the same thing just the buttons might be a little different. Am I odd?

Ok back to the topic at hand, I wanted to find a pure DPS class that was bursty.

- Mage (All Three Specs)
- Warlock (Destro... sorta)
- Rogue (All three Specs)
- Hunter ( MM & Survival)

So these were my choices. I'm going to be leveling with Ful's new toon as well & I think he might choose something that actually attempts to Fill Health bars instead of subtract from them. I believe that hell has, indeed, frozen over. He's not set in stone though either, so he could potentially just roll a Worgen Lock and call it a day. We also might be leveling with one of our other friends who is pretty set on rolling a Rogue.

So from my deduction, Rogues are out. I already have a lvl 63 BM hunter in outlands so that's out. I also have a lvl 32 Demo Warlock working her way up to the top so she's out too. So that leaves me with ...

carry the two... subtract 12... plus 5

A Mage.

*ducks for cover*


I think a mage would be a great fit for our little threesome. I can supply food & drink for everyone, burst everything down with my mad Deeps, and be the public shuttle for where ever we choose to go. I believe that a mage would be a great addition to our guild as well since we no longer have any.

TL;DR I'm Rolling a Female Worgen Mage for Cataclysm

Ummm did I do that?

I'll probably pick the spec closer to when I actually roll it. Anyways, so now that I have that out of the way, I need to acquire my BoA gear. Simple enough since I have most of it on my Warlock. Poor poor abused warlock. Now she'll be naked :( She, currently has, the BoA Shoulders, Chest, and Haste trinket I believe. I would only need the Staff and if I get lucky, the Ring. Fuubaar has a gajillion left over Triumph emblems so that's easy enough to buy the Staff.

Professions... This one was a tuffy for me. I've already got Jewelcrafting/Skinning, Alchemy/Herbalism, and Inscription/ Herbalism on the way. I don't much care for Blacksmithing or Leatherworking so that pretty much just leaves me with Engineering/ Mining to fill in the gaps. I've always found engineering to be fascinating. I have it on my Shaman Twink for the goggles but the bombs are just so much fun to chuck at people. /swoon

So we're at Female Worgen Mage with Engineering/ Mining as a profession. I still have to give her a name but I usually can't do that until I actually see her on my Character Screen. I'm particular like that. I mean, I'm pretty sure we'll see "Worgen Freeman", or the first idiot to think it's clever to spell "Worgen" backwards & be called a racist moron. Anything with "howl","wolf", or classic dog names  like "Lassie" will just make me /facepalm.

Question for you: What are your new Alt plans for Cataclysm. How prepared do you plan to be for your new toons? Do you plan on power leveling your professions once you roll your toon? Are you going to stock pile materials for them?

I'm curious :)

<3 Fuu


  1. Might I suggest fire and alchemy?

    I found when I leveled my first mage (alliance working on a horde one atm) having the neverending mana & health potions are a godsend in dungeons and questing.

    Good luck with whatever you decide on :D

  2. @ Koalabear

    I've been tossing about the idea of leveling Fire since I wont be soloing much if ever.

    As regards to Alchemy, I know what you mean about the Endless Mana Potions. That's what I have on Fuubaar right now & I love it. I guess I was always in the school of thought that since I already had that profession at max level, why level it again? I mean, I could have it Transmutation Master but I think having a completely different profession might be more fun.

    Just my opinion I guess.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    <3 Fuu

  3. As professions, I'd choose the gathering professions (mining and herbalism) simply for the gold income factor. If you need to fill spots for your guild or just so you touched them all, (IMHO) do it at max level. It's so much easier to fly around gathering supplies at max, than it at start.

    As for the BOA gear, I have 300+ triumph badges sitting in my wallet that are basically gathering dust. I'll convert most if not all to the correct level (honor?) badge and purchase what I don't already have. Which, I probably have most items already. I had purchased them for most my alts (dk, priest, rogue) so that they could get the % XP bonus on holiday events. When they dropped the XP gain earlier this year and (converted the gain to rep), these alts quit running holiday events.

    Personally, I am thinking goblin shaman. FOR THE HORDE! I want the utility of having a class that COULD heal or DPS. If only they had goblin druid, I'd be set.

  4. @ Elkagorasa

    I've tried this a few times at different stages.

    Abigora had skinning/ Enchanting all the way up to 63 ( I used recruit a friend to lvl so it was quite a blur) I believe her enchanting was up in the middle 200s before I got sick of it & started over again. I dont think I started leveling Jewelcrafting on her until she hit 80. In that note, it wasn't too bad because I could buy my way through levels.

    Gathering professions, on the other hand, are a PITA to lvl if you aren't questing in the area at the time. Even going back at max level is mind numbing and quite inefficent. I'm currently trying to level mining on my lvl 63 hunter back in vanilla wow. Running around in circles SUCKS! It might be different once we can fly in the "new" old world areas.

    That's just my two cents though :)

    <3 Fuu

    Alliance UNITED! :P

  5. You could get some "home-made heirlooms" prepared in advance too. There is a vendor in the human starter zone who sells white items which never soulbind but can be enchanted.

    +9 stamina on the wrists will last you to about lvl25 before you find better.

    +7 stamina on the boots will take you to lvl20 or so.

    (could also use +3 Agi cloak and +15 Agi gloves if you were rolling a different class)

  6. @ Solanti

    What a wonderful Idea!

    I never thought about that but yeah, the enchants are totally OP to a lvl 5 anything :)

    Thank you for the suggestions

    <3 Fuu

  7. I'm thinking worgen hunter. It's been forever since I played a hunter, but I really enjoyed it. I've got the mail chest/shoulders, and I'm currently working on the dagger and gun. If I end up with extra emblems, I'll go with the haste trinket(s) and a 2nd dagger.

  8. Third source for the heirlooms: the argent tournament. They sell the PVE ones for champion's seals, though you have to have completed all five cities' grinds.