Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lore Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day here in The States and also because I really enjoyed writing it, I'd like to link to an old post of mine.  It is a "fan fic" type post or in the same vein as what I call my IC Friday posts.  I figure some new people may have shown up around here and haven't had a chance to read it.  I believe it is one of my more emotional works, and appropriate.  It was written last September on the 11th, which will perhaps become the Memorial Day of my generation. That is to say, I think each generation always has a handful of days that stick out in memory.  For my parents, maybe it was JFK.  For me, it was 9/11.  It's one of those things that, as a kid at the time, you'll always remember where you were (Adults too, mind you, but I think when you were a child, you really have an opportunity to reflect on how little you understood, though you thought you knew everything.  Isn't that always how it goes?). 

Apart from the RL implications, this story also notes some of the lore surrounding Stromgarde, a ghost of a city that has really become central to the on-going saga here on Fridays.  It's also pretty much stand alone, since there are no recurring characters in it.  Thus, I figured it'd be a "several-fold" good article to link, even if it is my own.  Is that unbelievably lazy, listing your own old stuff?  If so, sorry.  Then again, if you're like me you probably have triple digits in your feedreader from being busy all weekend and not keeping up.  If you're in that boat and you've read the article... by all means click "read" and carry on :-).

Anyways, here's the link to my old story: In Honor of the Fallen.

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