Thursday, June 24, 2010

If You Don't Know By Now

The Fire Festival boss is immune to Frost.  I guess since he's a frosty kind of guy, it makes sense.  The Warlock in me could care less.  The double frost specced DK, however, is a different story.  I can't tank, I can't DPS, I'm pretty much worthless.  And when you have two frost DKs in the party and they're you're only tanking alternatives, you're pretty much up shit creek.

We probably should have thought about group composition before queueing up and getting the free teleport in.  It worked well for our mains, it was just the alts that had a problem.  Who would have thought there were an overabundance of DK alts.  Hmm...

I haven't even experienced the new patch yet, all my WoW activities keep getting canceled due to things like... summer.  I suppose I could log on to like, do solo stuff, but that's the itch Civ IV is scratching right now.

Ahh... world domination.  Is there anything more Warlockerly? 

(Mulching is definitely not).


  1. Well, at least my 78 'lock now has a nice new L232 cloak waiting for her once she hits 80. :)

  2. My dual spec dk is frost dps and blood tanking. At least I can tank...

  3. The last few times, I've just grabbed aggro and ran with it. Dodge the ice spikes, tank grabs all adds. Ranged goes at it. BURN BABY BURN! (or is it shadow baby shadow)..

  4. My poor dk is frost tank/frost dps too :/

    So I do the best I can whilst dpsing...

  5. Ha, I know! Sucks to be handicapped. My 'lock was just fine :-).