Friday, June 25, 2010

If WoW Were A Musical

Fulguralis sighs in the darkness and waggles his fingers towards a trunk in the tent. Atop the trunk, a lantern springs aflame, casting mournful shadows around the small canvas enclosed space. The Warlock sits up and rubs his eyes ruefully. He is alone. Again.

Standing up, Fulguralis stumbles wearily to the front of the tent.  He bends down and pushes the flaps out of the way.  Cool Icecrown air washes over his face.  The night is calm.  He steps out and surveys the sleeping camp.  The only light seems to be coming from Jessabelle's tent a few spans away.  She must have be burning the candle at both ends again.  Sometimes he wish that silly Dwarf would take it a bit easier on herself.  Even for a Priest, she was quite full of fervor, but, as the Warlock well knew, the brighter the flame, the quicker you reach the end of the wick.  Or whatever your fuel of choice might be.

A full moon hangs overhead, the clear Northrend air doing little to dim it's bright light.  Fulguralis ponders over the whereabouts of his wife and a deep sadness mingles with uncertainty.  He wished he had the answers for her odd behavior, but he had no idea what was causing it in the first place.  She seemed to have no idea she was behaving erratically, which made it all the worse. 

With a heavy heart, Fulguralis raises his head to the moon and begins to sing:

Where do you go, my Pally?
Where do you go?
I wanna know, my Pally, I wanna know.

Where do you go, oh oh eh oh
I wanna know, oh oh eh oh
Where do you go, oh oh eh oh
I wanna know, oh oh eh oh

You leave without a word, no Hearthstone, no Portal.
And now my head is pounding like minions are taking over.
You left me with no Soulstone on my heart.
Girl you should see me burning all night, and I wonder...

Everybody says, you're a 'lock, don't complain.
They don't fight the boss we try to slay.
Seen you wandering round every night in Icecrown.
I've been Summoning you night and day.

You gotta Cleanse this silence, don't keep me locked out.
Just like you've learned Pursuit of Justice
You're unreachable to me
Please hear what I'm saying

Where do you go, my Pally
I wanna know.

Where do you go, oh oh oh...
Where do you go, oh oh oh...
I wanna know
Where do you, where do you go?

An angry Dwarf head pokes out of the lone lit tent in the camp.  Looking around she finds Fulguralis staring forlornly at the moon. 

"Shut up, will you?" Jessabelle hisses.  "Some of us are trying to... do things."  The head disappears in a huff back inside the tent.

Fulguralis sighs and returns to his lonely lair.

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