Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey Peter, Man, Turn To Channel Four.

That is, if you don't want to read a rant. There will probably be no socially redeeming qualities to this post, other than I'd like to let off steam and put something out there for bloggers everywhere.  And, conveniently, it can be compressed down into one simple statement:

If you're not going to read the post, don't comment.

That's it.  It's simple.  I don't come down to your evil lair and piss all over your skull collection.  Why do people think it's okay to show up, find a post from four months ago, call its author bad names, and say absolutely nothing of value.  Oh, and did I mention that paragraph three completely explains everything you're taking issue with.  Go ahead, read it.  Then tell me how I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about.  IT'S ALWAYS IN PARAGRAPH THREE.  Don't blame me if you can't read.

I think what happens is that these leetist fuckwads come from Fuckwadshiresville and look really hard for a reason to tear you down.  I'm not sure why this is, but that's what they do, right?  I think, in the vernacular, we call them trolls.  Inevitably, they gravitate towards the linked guides and peruse them with a very fine microscope.  And by fine microscope I mean: don't fucking read them AT ALL.  They just click on whatever is linked, and then feel the urge to spend the next five minutes proving to you that they can use the word "fuck".  If you hail from Fuckwadshiresville, I already assume you can use the word fuck.  There is no need to prove it to me, I assure you.

For instance, if you take issue with one of my builds because it, say, includes PvP talents and you're looking for a raid build, then you proceed to tell me I shouldn't be "fucking giving fucking adfuckingvice to anyfuckingbody; refer to paragraph three wherein I say explicitly that I'm including PvP talents because I plan to PvP on this toon as well as raid and that such a move may not work for you.  It's right there.  You just added absolutely nothing to the post, nor did you help anyone.  We've already established that there are PvP talents in my DK raiding build.  Paragraph three states that I hardly ever raid on the toon.  The point is for people to use what I'm doing as a springboard for using their own brains.

No way, you mean I think most of my readers are smart enough to figure out a custom spec?  GTFO.  That's unheard of.  If we don't spoon feed shit, how is everyone going to learn to be l33t?  If you're looking to just copy and paste the "best" spec, hit up Elitist Jerks.  That's what they do.  That is NOT what I do.

I love comments.  I love constructive comments.  I get a lot of them (thank you for that by the way).  To me, it's absolutely awesome when I throw out some info and five or six people comment with completely different yet vaguely related suggestions.  This is players helping players here.  It's great!  It doesn't contain the word "fuck".

If you want to post your "better" build, I'm all for it.  Do it without swearing or calling me an idiot and it'll make me happier.  Prove to me that you actually read the post, and I'll feel warm fuzzies. 

I think I can speak for bloggers everywhere that there is nothing we hate more than getting a trollish comment that proves that the author DID NOT READ THE POST.  I hate deleting comments.  I know a lot of bloggers who feel the same.  It's we're afraid of becoming some sort of comment propogandist, and that's not what we're about.  We like free speech.  Many of us do this to engender constructive discourse.  Even trollish comments can sometimes be helpful when they've read the post.  It doesn't have to be non-combative.  It just has to be intelligent.  That's it.  It has to show us you are literate. 

If you post something I answered in paragraph three, I just assume you are an illiterate git.  I also hit the "reject" button on you comment, and I die a little inside.  Not because anything you said made me feel any sort of emotion, but because I now feel like I'm becoming Warlock Stalin.  Censoring is bad, mmmk?  (Plus, I steer clear of the Legion on principle.  You're more likely to become a minion with them.) 

I've posted comments from others that have questioned my intelligence in the past; I really don't mind it.  I don't care if someone totally disagrees with me, I can take that.  This is not an ego thing.  I actually like a good argument now and then.  I like to learn where I'm wrong.  However, if you're arguing with me about something I've already acknowledged... it's just dumb.  You're just dumb and it's that simple.   Go back to Fuckwadshiresville.

Read the post.  Absorb the information.  Form a coherent response. 

Those are the three steps to commenting.  If you skip them all, don't be surprised when the nether swallows your comment out of spite.   If you'd like to bandy insults, feel free to email them to me.  You can find my contact information in the About Page.  Then again, I'm sure you've already tried to comment on that to tell me that my naming conventions are ALL WRONG.  I'm not going to subject my other readers to your stupidity though.  

(For the record, I get about one a month and they're almost always on my DK posts.  Ironically, I get a lot of very good comments and traffic through there.  Considering DKs are like third down the line as far as the focus of this blog, that's a good thing.  I certainly like sharing what I've been doing, but I've also taken a very unconventional route.  I think that's what some people have appreciated about it; it isn't just your general cookie-cutter fare.  And it works.  Azeroth doesn't force-disconnect me when I show up with my sub-par spec.) 

So, if you see me tell a commentor to "go back to the Shire", y'all can have a little chuckle with me and know that's my new way of saying "you obviously didn't read the post".  Or I may just tell them to refer to paragraph three.  I hope it's on a two paragraph post too.  That'd make my day.


  1. Hrrrm. Seems you've (potentially) found the other side of the sword. While it's great to be linked to by such a widely viewed site, it also can bring some of the awful trolls associated with it.

    Anyway, dude. You should never feel bad about dropping useless and/or rude posts. I know on my babble, I don't have much tolerance for rudeness. It's just unnecessary. Heated debate, sure. Fuckwadery - nope!

    Is it censorship? Maybe. But I feel it's more like throwing out the trash. :)

  2. If only you'd covered pissing on skulls in my evil lair, this rant would be complete.

    Aww damn - that was in paragraph three.

  3. Go back to the Shire Adga, :-).

    @Darth - You're probably right, I just felt like raging. I really do hate rejecting comments, even when it's warranted.

  4. Just for the record, i'm lvling 2 locks at the moment and used your posted builds as a starting point. just wanted to say thanks for providing this former melee dps with a nice solid starting point to start locking with.

  5. np, glad I could be helpful :-).