Tuesday, June 8, 2010

/GlaresAtManBehindCurtain... We Cool Now?

A couple of housekeeping items before we get back into things:

  1. Blogger inexplicably locked me out yesterday.  Did anyone else experience this?  Oh, I could see the site just fine; I just couldn't get into the posting area.  I wanted to post this yesterday but couldn't even work on it.  Woe is me.
  2. Sadly, neither Fuu nor I will be attending Blizzcon again this year.  The fall is a bad time for me to travel due to other commitments, and they always have Blizzcon in the fall.  Here endeth the discussion on Blizzcon tickets as far as I'm concerned.  I wish I could experience the festivities, but it's just not in the cards.  Poor Fuu could go alone, but we don't do that.  We're like the puke couple you see that dresses the same and has codependency issues.  
  3. Seriously, we get all mushy after spending any more than twelve hours apart.  I've been know to do stuff like stand forlornly in the living room wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do when she's gone.  Don't say it's cute; it's sad.  Love stole any semblance of being self-reliant from us, the vile emotion.  And don't talk to us about spawning.  Other warlocks are cornering that market.  And we get it enough from our parents.  We still think we're too co-selfish.
  4. If you're looking to meet us, come up to Indy for Gencon.  We'll be there.  I'll be wearing my red WoW hat with my old guild sigil on the front (the lion).  It also says Fulguralis on the back.  Say hi.  We won't bite.  
  5. You may also get a peak as Jessabelle if find us at Gencon, as we will likely be in her company as much as drunkenly possible.  I assure you, she still exists.  We chat about Civ IV on gchat at work (and still raid once a week).  Yeah, I picked up Civ IV finally.  Welcome to last decade.  Totally an addicting game, though.  They've got a sweet battle-chesty like combo for like $40.  With four games included, it's pretty buxom, and that's always good.  Anybody ever try the "play by email" option?  Is it any good?
  6. Last week's IC post is 98% written and it never got finished.  I will probably therefore make a special double IC post this week and finish that one off for tomorrow.  Dunno whether that makes folks happy or roll their eyes.  
  7. I'm glad Gnomer is still watching.  I would hate to think my underhanded machinations are going unappreciated due to some silly scuffle amongst the lesser classes of Azeroth.  And also, I <3 my banner.  Just sayin'.
That is all.


  1. Civ IV is the shizzle! Next to WoW, it is the first game that gets installed on my system, and it's where I land when I have no network, or am feeling too emo to play, or whatevs.

    It always helps to beat up on the French. PHEAR MAH SAMURAI, BISHES!

  2. You can find me at the Burning Wheel booth at Gen Con, or the FreeMarket one next door. =)

  3. I love your banner too... that thought crossed my mind several times while stealing, cropping & uploading it.

    As for keeping an eye on you... I have been for ages... which is another thing I was thinking about the other day.. why? warlock! why?

    Ahhh yeah... is good!

    Warlocks are generally more entertaining reads than the "lesser classes of Azeroth"

    They just smell funny.. kinda tutti-fruiti ;-)

  4. @Grimm - For me, it's sort of like combining Starcraft (or old warcraft) with Sim City in one great, orgasmic gaming experience. I guess I'm just surprised because I've never been a big Civ player before and didn't really know what I was missing.

    @Rali - I'll keep my eyes open :-). Definitely don't be afraid to say hi if you catch me.

    @Gnomer - Don't worry, I keep my eye on you too. However, my reasons shall remain nefarious and obscure ;-).