Monday, June 28, 2010

Check These Out

I have nothing new or inspirational today. It's Monday. What I do have is a Google Reader full of weekend articles. So let's kill two birds with one stone, shall we? I'll highlight the thought provoking ones, tell the thoughts provoked, and then when we get done I'll have both a post and a clean reader. Now, don't worry, I'm not going to highlight all 50 of 'em, just the few that I have something to say about (and are WoW related).

In no particular order -

I've been wanting to highlight Rip's new site for a while now.  If you like what I do around these parts on Fridays, you'll like his fan fic site.  And while I enjoy his stories, I think what I, as a writer, the parts I've enjoyed the most are his commentaries on the writing process.  We seem to approach things with some similarity.  In particular, I appreciate how he describes a story taking form in his head, the challenge then being to translate it down on paper.  I think a lot of decent/good writers will attest to that phenomenon: the characters almost write the story themselves (when you have strong characters anyways).  It's really kind of cool, but hard to explain until you've experienced it. 

While we're on this topic, I wanted to highlight a "writer's corner" post by Pike too over at Clockwork Hare.  I'm going through the editing process on my own closet project right now and find a lot in common with her.  Especially the "editing taking more than double the writing time" phenomenon.  I just get really picky about things like word order and flow.  I want it to be this symphony and when I really probably just got two coconuts that I'm bangin' together.

Oh, I got sidetracked.  The reason I picked today's post by Euripedes is he mentioned getting sidetracked with D&D.  I wanted to report that this weekend I created my first ever D&D character.  Fuu and I are road tripping up to see Jessabelle (and the rest of our raid group) this weekend.  There will be alcohol, vaping, and D&D.  We're quite excited.  For the curious, I'm keeping my usual moniker for simplicity and creating a backstory around it.  Since we're just sort of dabbling, it makes sense.  I'm going to be some sort of Deva Invoker who almost went evil in a former life.  Perhaps he used to be a Warlock.  I mean, I think I can swing that... :-)

In other news, Larisa writes about the soon-to-be changing Blizzard philosophy on gear colors over at PPI.  She says it all very well (as usual), but I wanted to throw in my two cents.  I seem to remember epics being a lot harder to come by in TBC.  Maybe I just wasn't as involved with raiding, but it was a Big Deal when I replaced one of my blues with an epic.  Fast forward to Wrath, and I was epic'ed out really fast.  It was more about replacing one or two hard to find pieces.  It'll be rather interesting to see how they fix this, and yes, I do think the ease of getting purples was a problem in Wrath.  Epics should feel... epic.  In Wrath, it felt like we just pretty much skipped the whole Rare item level, going straight from greens to purples.  I will personally enjoy it if it takes a bit longer to "purple out", but I think it would be even more fun if you had to "blue out" first in early raiding.  I like gearing and replacing things, new colors just accentuate that.  I really don't think it'll affect how "powerful" we feel, as they'll still have to scale the encounters to the generally available gear.

Moving on.  Boy, that Tam seems to put his foot in his mouth an awful lot doesn't he?  Poor guy.  With great blogging power comes great blogging responsibility, right?  Or at least the potential to realize you're not being nearly as clear as you thought you were.  I feel for him this time.  Blogging about the buff is srs bzns.  You can't just go throwing out buff opinions and expect people to respect them.  The buff has been somehow tied to e-peening now.  I know, for one, this blogger is confused about exactly how this happened.  I mean, Tam's original post seemed clear enough for me.  I don't really agree, but I didn't feel like... patronized or anything.  And more configurable = better, IMO.  So, to each his own. 

My own co-raider Jessabelle wrote similarly a short while ago.  I argue with her about it all the time.  She likes it hard.  (Giggity.)  That's her prerogative.  She's not going to stop being a stubborn dorf just because I speak reason.  Since when has any of this been about reason or rationality?  It's about having fun, and sometimes the most fun things are irrational.  I mean, go watch YouTube.  Many irrational videos.  Handle it.

My "bottom line" on the whole Buff Issue is that I want to see all the content before Cataclysm.  Ideally, for me, I would finish up with the old content a week before the new is launched.  I don't want down time.  I want a constant flow of fun.  It's not a race for me.  I will support usage of the buff in order to achieve that goal.  If we're progressing too fast, then we'll go without the buff.  If we're going too slow, then we'll use the buff.  It's that simple.  It has more to do with the time available to us to raid than it does with skill.  I believe we're skilled enough to do it sans buff given enough time.  Time is the limiting reagent though.  Not skill.  At least in my personal World... of Warcraft, that is.

That's probably reiterative and boring.  Sorry for the buff tangent.  Enough's been said on it I suspect.

To end on a positive note... I can't wait to get new specs to tweak and new content to write about.  One of the fringe benefits of a prolonged lull before an expansion is that a lot of people are checking out alts and such.  Thus, I get the random comment on my link guides from new readers who have found the information (mostly) helpful.  It's really exciting to see that sort of traffic trickle through and motivates me to make sure those particular entries are up to date.  It's sad that nothing new has really come our way in a while, so they almost feel stale, but it's just good to know they're still helpful.  If anyone is just dusting off their old 'lock or DK or even Pally (I'll bug Fuu for you) has some questions, we love getting them.   Hit up comments or email at your leisure.  It can be found on the About Us page or (for those getting this via reader)... fulguralisandfuubaar AT gmail DOT com.  Happy lulling?

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