Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alfonzo Says It's Patch Day

Since the truth is already out there, I'll just relate a few thoughts I, Alfonzo Illustriatza Calcaterra, have about today's patch notes.  At least I'm going assume they're patching today.  All signs point to it.  If I'm a week or so early, sue me.  The sentiments still hold.  Also, I have to admit, I have always thought my middle name indicates honorary membership into the ranks of WoW Dragons.  Maybe it does.  You won't know until you see me go Dragon Form on you, and by then it'll be too late. 

  1. Real ID - Yep, the patch adds this.  How do I feel?  Well, we'll see.  I've never been particularly paranoid about my real name being "found out".  On the other hand, I rather like my online personality.  It is something I've cultivated over the years and games I've played.  Even before I started blogging, Fulguralis has been my moniker.  It's sort of like my gaming "pen name", and I'm not ready to scrap it.  With that being said, we'll see how it's actually implemented and how it affects my continued charade.  It sounds like it'll all be completely voluntary, so I don't believe there's any reason to get too upset about this.  You can always choose not to participate.
  2. The Ruby Sanctum is released... but not.  Don't get too excited, I guess it's not 100% ready to go right away.  It's just setting the stage.  I still feel behind as we've yet to claim our Kingslayer titles.
  3. Vote To Kick has been tailored to scale dynamically with your abuse use of it.  I don't really care much about this to be honest.  I don't PuG enough any more to really make use of it.  However, I love the concept of dynamic scaling, of punishing only those who deserve to be punished.  Still, I'm sure it won't work exactly as intended and some truly righteous folk will suffer, but I'm a Warlock.  I'm all about righteous folk suffering.  More important here to me is Blizzard's willingness to alter the game experience based on your behavior.  This is really showing us that they don't need to make the game behave exactly equal to every paying customer (especially if you're going to abuse something).  I think this is a good thing, but that's a debatable opinion.
  4. The UI has been updated a bit.  I'm a "stick with what works" kind of guy, and my current UI works for me.  Maybe some of the new stuff will appeal to me and I'll use it, but I'm still using an Outfitter addon, for reference.  Conceptually, improving their interface is almost always a good thing.  Except if you're Microsoft and then you completely change the interface of office productivity software and kill productivity for at least a year while people struggle to find where the File menu went.  I know we're all techno-literate and figured out the blinky button right away, but I can't say the same is true of all of my co-workers.  Many a company presentation hath been hindered by the switch to Office '07.  (Yeah, I know, welcome to three years ago.)
 So there you have it.  The short and the long of it.  I know, it's pretty boring, but this is a patch to "tide us over".  We'll see how well it works.  Personally, I think it's a drop in the ocean of apathy before the expansion, but you will never catch me complaining about new content.  Even if it is skimpy.


  1. I'd like to see the Vote to Kick adaptive behaviour incorporated into actual game mechanics. There's no reason why, if devs can identify "bad" behaviour, they can't subtly alter the gameplay to reinforce "good" play. MMOGs inherently mold behaviours already, by virtue of the nature of the social interaction in the game: douchebags end up losing raid spots, good people get carried more, nice noobs get tips not kicks in pugs. It already happens.

    The fun will start when the game itself molds player behaviour into patterns that do things like build useful social, management or problem-solving skills.

  2. @Rali - I agree and enjoyed your post on the subject :-)