Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tanking the Saufang Fight: Paladin Style

Hey gang!

This post has been in my brain for quite a while now and I actually found some time to transfer that gray matter onto the blog.

As you may or may not know, our little 10-man group has made the journey into Iced Coffee Citidel and boy does it wake you up when the aroma hits you.

* POW* Right in the Kisser!

Bone Marrow GAR! Was a tanking pushover as long as your sidekick enjoyed humping your leg the entire fight.

Lady Bubble was DPS burn with a splash of Adds on the side for flavor.

Battleship Galactica was only cool if you had a druid around for his ummm well hind quarters if you will.

Then comes our favorite pal, Saurfang Jr.

This guy really makes me mad! I mean really makes me want to throw him off of the side of the Citidel to his death. Seriously, ask one of your priests to just MC him. The end!

I kid I kid...

Basics of this fight are Tank swap when you get Rune of Blood. This is crucial because once the selected tank gets this debuff, every time Saurfang hits that tank, he regenerates health per landed swing. For 10-man this means around 5100-6900 Health every hit. Thanks To Druid Love for the Info.

If you have Deadly Boss Mods, it will pop up which tank has just acquired the Rune of Blood debuff. Stop what ever you are doing! Taunt like your life depends on it!

I use Hand of Reckoning to snag my aggro back from the other tank. Here's the downside to using Hand of Reckoning though. It's a spell! Since it's a spell, it requires 17% hit to not miss (unless you have a space goat racial or other special buffs) I don't know about you but my tank sure has nothing CLOSE to 17% hit rating. I'm probably sitting around 5-6% at any given time.

Worst case scenario, your hand of Reckoning misses.

Step 1: DO NOT PANIC! Saurfang sees it in your eyes & for some reason knows to hit the other tank faster & harder. The poor Warrior tank weeps as he's being pummeled into Saurfang's yummy pulp while you sit there & pee yourself because ZOMG how did that miss!

Step 2: Make sure that you have your trusty sidekick on Focus for this fight. It really helps if you need to select him for your other taunt. I'm such a bad paladin I can't remember the name of the other taunt. I should be fired. You know the one... that you select your fellow Aggro Whore Friend and save their measly lives. Yes that one.

Step 3: If you do not have the glyph that allows this taunt to never miss (like me) well my friend you have yourself a bit of a pickle. Nothing you can't deal with though because you are a Paladin and we have tools for these sorts of things. No way are we going to be the reason for failure! HELL NO! So if your second taunt fails, what I've actually done is Hand of Salvation. Tell your tank what you have done "Taunt missed twice it's your fault. I'll save you MARY JANE!" "I'm going to Salvation you, please stop generating threat or next time I'll just solo tank this myself" Salvation should allow you create more threat as the other tank's threat is being reduced rapidly. Especially if the other tank begins to pummel you to death for abusing his tanking rights. Perfect way to generate Aggro ;)

Now all of this occurs in a matter of seconds. You don't have time to sit & discuss over tea what happened. You need to act fast because Saurfang is gathering health quickly.

Anyways, I'll trust that you understand what to do when & if your taunts fail. This isn't really want I wanted to talk about in the first place but as you see here, I get excited!

The biggest part of the whole Fight is the Blood Beast spawns. They spawn every 30 seconds right next to where Deathbringer is being tanked. Two will pop out and say surprise to anyone who hits them first. Melee need to be Super Careful with AoEs during these spawning times.

By keeping an eye out for BB spawn timers, you should have a good beat on when they will be welcome guests.

Let's look at the Timers shall we?

Consecrate lasts 8 seconds on the floor. Everything else is instant AoE that leaves no sticky residue behind ;)
This means Hammer of the Righteous or Avenger's Shield can be used any time other than when they are near by. I would say that you have probably a 10 second window. This really brings your awareness level to new heights. Be aware of your rotation at ALL times. No AoEs when the little goonies are around. If you know that you will not be having any Threat issues, don't even use Consecrate in your Rotation for fear that you would use it and snag one or both Blood Beasts.

Again, don't panic if you accidentally pull one. If this does occur, Nail the Blood Beast with your Hammer of Justice. This makes it so that you are not getting hit by their attacks. The DPS should be nuking the other one down pretty quickly and probably working on the one next to you. If they do not pull it off by the time your Hammer of Justice wears off, wait until the other tank has aggro from you having Rune of Blood and run into the Earthbind totem or the hunter's trap. Do what ever you can to slow that thing down from hitting you. Under any circumstances is it NOT ok for you to hit it back. This only generates more threat that pretty much makes it impossible for the Ranged DPS to get it back. Continue running away like a sissy girl until it's dead or you need to taunt the boss back off of the other tank.

These are just a few things that I've seen help on this fight. We've actually taken him down with getting no marks (which is an achievement *confetti*)

Have you found or used any tricks that help to tank this fight? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

<3 Fuu


  1. Also of note.. Glyph of Righteous Defense also increases your hit with Hand of Reckoning. v. v. nice to have.

  2. That was a great way of describing the fight!

    One of our pally tanks swears by the Avenger's Shield glyph for that fight. I don't do it myself when I tank Saurfang, but apparently it's very wonderful.

  3. @ Nibuca & Ophelie

    I've never been one to swap out glyphs for different fights but I'm really thinking about it on this one.

    Swapping for the Righteous Defense & Avenger's Shield could really be the key to not screwing this fight up.

    I'll bring a few different glyphs along with me and test them out.

    I'm even thinking about using the Glyph of Salvation to recieve the Damage reduction for the Festergut fight.

    Thanks for the tips ladies :D

  4. Orvillius@CoilfangMarch 3, 2010 at 11:07 PM

    Hey Fuu, (unless it has since been changed back) that other taunt can now be cast directly onto any enemy and it will pull them and up to two others who are attacking the same target to you, so you don't need to snap to the other tank before casting it anymore.

  5. @ Orvillius

    I've never heard of that before... was it in a patch notes or something? I'll have to test it out tonight when I log in. I'll have Fulguralis be my test subject

    "Ful, go pull those three lvl 83 elites, let them hit on you for a bit. Let me see if I can get them off you before you turn into a skidmark"


  6. Orvillius@CoilfangMarch 12, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    Is it still working that way? I never saw it in a patch note, I want to say I saw it over at honorshammer or ferraro's blog. (If I'm wrong and it doesn't work then I'm just crazy.) Quick aside I'm a prot pally and my wife is an aff'lock, so I get quite a kick out of your blog!