Monday, February 15, 2010

Someone Call Hermione, I Need Her Necklace

Muggle though I am, I still have need of a time-shifting necklace.  Do you ever just go through one of those streaks where time doesn't seem to agree with you?  It's agonizingly slow when you're away from everything you could possibly do, but then it speeds by like a racing freight train when you actually try to get stuff done.  Despite the dangers of the fabled necklace from Harry Potter, I'm fairly certain that I would not run into myself either, thereby making my head essplode or go bonkers.  I've just been all over the place this last week.  Even gaming wise.  Especially gaming wise. 

So here's the cliff notes version with some random bits of insight thrown in for spice.  I promise it's not just a Weekend Update.  Maybe.
  • Due to everything getting rescheduled and the weekly quest being ICC, I didn't raid this week.  At all.  Normally I'm a three day per week raider (short nights, mind you, but nights all the same).  Tonight we hit ICC up again from scratch to get the weekly knocked out.  Monday has become our day.  I'm excited, but it means that I have zero raid information to talk about.  I'm going to try using my 'lock portal on the gunship battle.  It might be cool.
  • We've been doing RL house hunting, which is kind of like grinding for rep in an alternating busy/not busy area.  Sometimes stuff's being snatched up as quick as you look at it.  Other times it's been on the market for 3 years.  Go figure.  I wish the tag system in houses were more like WoW (first caster wins) and less like Aion (most damage wins).  We're first time home buyers though, so what the bleep do we know?  In any case, it has nothing to do with gaming except that as a gamer, the Loft/Office is a big selling point for us.  If that shit can't fit two computers and will have heat issues or looks like a shoebox, we're not buying.  Anyone else have gaming impact their RL purchasing like that?
  • I picked up the 95 Frost Emblem non-tier chest for my Warlock.  It has haste, it has crit, it has spell power.  It has NO hit.  Hurrah!  Eventually I may get my 4pt10 (sans chest), but I was sporting the T8 chest.  The non-tier piece is a huge upgrade and really a great piece.  I don't have the link because I'm at work, but I would recommend checking it out and picking it up.  Pawn tells me it's a clear winner for the chest slot.  I'm gonna go after the belt next.  Those are where my biggest upgrades come from, despite the lure of T10 bonuses.   
  • I focused a lot on coupled gaming last week.  I wanted to follow up on it post v-day.  Here's how we roll: we did the usual dinner together and such, but we also spent a lot of time gaming.  My gift to her: Dragon Age: Origins.  It's pretty awesome when you can give that gift and it totally counts as a gift.  Not like, "honey here's a treadmill".   Which I always wondered... can Wii Fit really be given as a gift?  Isn't that sort of like: "We got you deodorant, take a hint"?  In any case, the hardest part for me is letting her play it first and whenever she wants.  After all, it's her gift.  Right?  It's sort of like a conversation I had with a gay friend of mine.  Once upon a time, he lauded one of the benefits of his sexual orientation as such: "It's sometimes nice when you can wake up and it doesn't matter who's jeans you put on."  If I put on Fuu's jeans... sexy, but well, no.  At the same time, sharing is fun.  *Ding* instant doubling of your choices.  Except when it's not fun and you want to wear the pants.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is: I'm am without pants right now.  Fuu is wearing the pants.  Still, being able to buy a game for your significant other and, like, you want to play it too: priceless.  I'll squeeze into it eventually.  If she'd have gotten me that treadmill...
  • Wow, that last bullet was long.  
  • We got the PC version of DA:O.  We love it so far.  Fuu freaks out about the "tough choices" and it's cute.  "OMG, they're making me betray someone.  Oh, nvm, he's evil, it's okay."  She's so sweet.
  • I need some topics to write about.  I think it's no secret that the blogosphere is in another lull right now.  It's too soon to really talk about Cataclysm, but we've also seem nearly all the patching (at least major) that we're going to see.  We're in the eye of storm.  I'm sure I'll come up with some stuff, even if it's horrible randomness like this and/or ridiculous ranting like I did last week, but if there's anything you've been dying to know about anything we do here at KeS, feel free to shoot an email to us.  Contact info can be found at the "About Us" page up top.
  • Soon, probably early next week, I plan to do a Demonology Primer.  Since Abi is officially gone, I'm going to try to pick up his torch.  He always did a wonderful job of covering Demonology (and got me hooked on it as my off spec/heroic dungeon spec of choice), but now that he's gone, I'd like to step into his large shoes and share what I've been doing.   I'm off next week so I can do proper linking and such.  Still, until I do and until it is officially out of date, he has a wonderful set of guides here.  I'm certainly not going to out-do the master, but I did want to cover it as I've been spending a lot of time (and having loads of fun) running Demo as Abi laid it out.  If you're a warlock looking for that extra something in the rotflmao-heroics (where Affliction won't work worth a damn), stay tuned.
Okay, that's it for the randomness today.  Maybe my brain will wake up for tomorrow because today it's rebelling against coherent thought.


  1. Lock portals don't work on the gunship. Given that it's now impossible to die by falling off the boat... yeah. Dumb.

  2. Damn, and here I thought I was being clever.

  3. I believe you're talking about the Meteor Chaser's Raiment (

    I am torn between it and the t10 lock piece. I think the set bonus for destro could be better than the raiment.

  4. Yep, that's exactly it.

    For T10 - I've heard that the helm and shoulders are the best pieces. I needed the pants bad (first upgrade I purchased), so it was between the gloves/chest for which piece I don't get... The chest alone is way better than the gloves alone for me. Easy enough. It totally could be different for destro though, with a higher valuation on crit.

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  6. What I meant to say was: All that new gear and my baby blue is still out DPSing you :P

    I wanted to make it more friendly than rude, because I'm better than that.

  7. Ha. Screenshot or it didn't happen. Plus, it's all about the Damage Done, baby!

    Jbelle! WoL report NAO! :-P