Friday, February 5, 2010

Like Watching Ice Melt

Fulguralis craned his neck to gaze up at the towering behemoth standing before him.  Nine other adventurers crowded the area, lending a nervous smell to the air.  The room felt a bit on the cold side, but then again, so did everything else in Wintergrasp as one might expect from the name.  The Warlock flexed his hands, still getting the feel of his new gloves and preparing himself for some more spell slinging.

"So, you're the Ice Watcher," Fulguralis mumbled to himself.  "Doesn't seem like it would be much fun, watching Ice.  Especially if it happens to be a Nevermelting Ice Thingy."

One of the other adventurers beside him was droning on about how they were going to approach a tussle with the Watcher.  Fulguralis kept one ear open, but was pretty confident it would be a piece of cake.  He had heard some things, plus those two wonky Gnomes had shown up just before he had entered the zone to give him another piece of parchment with pointers on it.  They were becoming eerily common characters in his adventures.  He wasn't sure what to make of it.  Where did they get their information?

"So basically," Fulguralis noted, "you want me to kill the big guy and some crazy, swirly Orbs of Wintry Death?"

"Yes.  The Orbs are a priority to destroy," the Random Paladin replied. 

This group of ten had been hastily formed outside of the Vault by a Rogue friend of Fulguralis.  The Warlock and his Paladin wife had been lounging around, casting lines into the nearby waters in the hopes of fishing up something tasty when the Rogue had mentioned an assault on the Vault.  Having just come from the Citadel, they had almost turned the offer down, but Fulguralis had wanted to try out his new gloves and the both couldn't help but see for themselves if rumors of a new tenant in the Vault were true.  Apparently Archavon had brought in the whole famn damily.  Or something like that.

"Ugh.  Can't I just focus on one thing," Fulguralis grumbled to no one in particular.

"Awww, are you afraid of a wittle orb?" His wife teased.

Fulguralis glared at her, "I make a point of shattering orbs.  And crystals.  And souls.  And..."

Fuubaar patted him on the butt, "I know you do, honey."  She sauntered off towards the boss, weapon unsheathed.

Fulguralis stared at her backside for a moment before his thoughts caught up and he unsheathed his own weapon.  The temperature in the room plummeted.  How does she always find a way to make me feel... so... confused?  Bah, I don't even know.  The Warlock began to fling shadowy spells at the boss as he lent the fight only half of his brain. Women are totally Mind Rogues.  A sharp, cold pain from behind snapped him out of his inner monologue.  

"What the fel was that?" he yelped.  Spinning around he found himself face to face with a swirling, icy orb that seemed to be spitting frosty bolts in all directions.  "Oh, well that's pleasant," he scowled.   The Warlock ran way.  Bravely ran away.

From a safe distance, he laid into the orb.  Soon enough, it shattered and filled Fulguralis with a smug satisfaction.  "Stupid orbs," he said.

Back and forth between Orb and Titan, the Warlock flung all manner of shadowy spells.  Soon enough, the giant fell.  As warmth seeped back into the room, the adventurers began to pick over the body for anything useful.  Fulguralis dusted the frost off of his robes before it could melt, catching a few orb shards with his wide swipes as well.

"There.  That wasn't so hard now was it?" Fuubaar asked in a patronizing voice, weapon resting jauntily on one plate-clad shoulder.  "Those orbs didn't get my baby did they?"

"D'ya see any Orbs left?" Fulguralis gestured wildly about the room.  He couldn't tell whether he was upset by her tone or embarrassed.  Either way, his face reddened.

His wife came up and kissed him on the cheek.  "You're so cute when you blush," she said as she strolled away. 

In the midst of his confusion, Fulguralis's stomach did a little flip.  It always did that when she kissed him.  Burn her!  She's always toying with me!  Still, as she grinned over her shoulder, plate swaying seductively as she walked away, the Warlock felt any consternation melt away. 

Apparently I'm no Nevermelting Ice Thingy, he thought ruefully, not where she's concerned anyways. 

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