Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hey Gang!

So, other than buying a new home, playing Aion, Playing Dragon Age: Origins, fencing (the sport not the act of putting up a fence), full time job, and being a wife, I've had all sorts of time to play WoW (/end sarcasm).

As you may or may not know, I'm tanking for our ICC-10-man group on Monday nights. Even though we only raid once a week for two whopping hours (that's if our little Ret. Pally is on time ;)) we've made it all the way to Rotface without too much fuss.

Marrowgar -two shotted the first night we saw him (easy as pie)

Lady Deathwhisper- she was a Lady PITA and she still is. For some unknown reason, our OT would die right before we got the Mana Shield down so I would have to solo tank her. We finally got it so that he was surviving the last waves. Good Stuff.

Battleship - two shotted our first night & get this one every night we attempt it. It's easy & fun. I really enjoy it even if it gets me a little sea sick at the beginning.

Saurfang Jr.- Once we figured out how to tank him, he wasn't so bad at all. This fight relies on our DPS to be high & the Blood Beasts to go down quickly. They do a fine job and have excelled at this fight ever since we got it down the first time. We never have more than one mark before he falls.

Trash Pulls before Precious & Stinking - for some unknown reason, when we pull this, we GET THE WHOLE ROOM EVERY SINGLE TIME! We look at the two A-bombs and think ok just make sure you don't get the bouncing monkeys and we're fine. We always get them and they bring the mad Scientists & two more ugly big angry mobs. It's an huge AoE fest where half of our group dies every time. It's sort of humorous really.

Festergut- Once we figured out the "Paladin bubble" trick, it actually is just a DPS race. Not too hard if we can keep the OT up for the first phase. Funny thing though, I have died every time we succeed in this fight. *shrug* if it gets the job done I guess.

Now, we are currently working on Rotface. This is my most challenging fight yet. I'm the Ooze Kiter. Now, thinking back, what other fight requires such an awkward job for a tank? Gluth comes to mind but I feel it's a bit different because other people are helping you out with the Zombies. Grobbulus was awkward for me but it wasn't all that terribly hard. Just keep my finger on the Reverse key and smash my keys like I normally do and turn when the floor says so (the grate path).

Rotface is a completely different challenge for me in tanking. What our group was doing was, I would stay outside of the group and when the first person got the Mut. Injection, they would run to me, I would cleanse them and they would merge the oozes together. I've seen the Tankspot videos and read all of the strats that I could get my grubby little hands on but it's just not the same as me actually doing this. I've dealt with adds before. Hell, I was the ADD tank for all of BC. Add tanking doesn't bother me but it's the cleansing & the kiting I feel that's really screwin me up. We probably did this fight around 6-7 (edit: 11) times on Monday before our 2 hour mark hit and we had to quit. We continued to make improvements throughout the night, which is wonderful. That night, I wasn't at all frustrated, I would laugh about forgetting to do some of the more simple stuff, like keep the big ooze on me when I was running. I was so focused on getting the path right, not running through puddles, getting to the DPS or healers to cleanse them. It wasn't just one aspect of this whole kiting thing that was tripping me up, it was a combo of all of the above.

Best way I can describe it is like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time. Neither one of these tasks is all that hard but putting the two together and you look like an idiot because you are patting your tummy and rubbing your head. But throw this extra tid bit in that every time you screw up the combination of rubbing & patting, 9-24 other people get really pissed about it...and you die in a green puddle of death.

I understand that I could potentially make someone else be the kiter while I sit in the middle where I feel comfortable but what would I learn from it? What if these type of mechanics show up in another area in another raid down the line and I HAVE to do it. I don't want to gimp myself and pass up an opportunity to grow in my tanking skills.

So here's the question for all of you out there (tanks or not), what has been the steepest learning curve for you & your group thus far in your WoW career? It doesn't have to be WotLK. It also doesn't have to be a single fight either, maybe a type of mechanic really trips you up. Also, how did you overcome this problem to achieve your goal?

I'm curious if everyone feels the pressure on similar mechanics or if each person has a different take on this.

<3 Fuu


  1. Ooof. Healing the tanks through Festergut is definitely my biggest challenge - especially when the other healer gets the vomit debuff and i have to try and take care of the raid too!

    Oh and speaking of rotface - we actually wiped on him ELEVEN time ;)

  2. Rub some salt in the wound my dear :P

  3. To pull the trash before stinky - pull the Aboms before you walk up on the platform. The bouncing guys and 2 big adds aren't pulled by range - but by touching the platform.

    Range pull them down and tank them on the walkway. If you LoS them around the corner, they won't hook you up there (thus causing more adds to show up). Once you engage the bouncing guys, the big boys, and the scientists - bring them down so that the tank on the big boys are at the top of the stairs. Focus down the scientists first (they heal and will poly your raid members), then AoE the little guys. By this point the biguns should be low, and can be focused down one at a time - as they do a pretty massive explosion when they die.

    Awesome work for 2 hours a night!

  4. @ Adgamorix

    Very interesting. So it's more like a Trap/trip wire than range. Brilliant. I'll remember to range pull the two A-bombs and stay on the bottom of the platform so we dont have the rest of the goons ruining our fun.

    Thanks for the advice :)

  5. I have a Prot/Holy Paladin (Gemosi) okay so Im not a full raider like you guys, Heck I have never completly cleared NAXX and have only gottin to Flame Livathin in Ulduar. Dont laugh but my biggest challenge that I still face is HTOC when I get the Confessor. I have never ever been able to heal through her or Tank her. Every time that Random comes up I try and fail. That is my biggest challenge. I do not know if its mechanics or what but either way I cannot get a group through her.

  6. @ Anon / Gemosi

    The Confessor has an interesting mechanic in that she will summon a previous raid boss/ Instance Boss from a Dream. When she does this, she becomes immune to attacks and will occasionally do Fear bombs.

    What I've done once she summons her add, I'll run to pick up the add and drag it ontop of the Confessor gal. This allows for me to keep her in my sights while I tank the big Dream. Since she does have a fear bomb, I would suggest either using your PvP Trinket to get out of the fear quickly, if you have a priest in the group to put fear ward on you, or if you are a human, you can "Every Man for himself" out of it. This will allow for you to pick the Dream back up without skipping a beat. Before you know it, you'll be a Pro!

    Good Luck :)

    <3 Fuu

  7. Great post! It's nice to hear you say you want to keep trying the ooze tanking; most folks would just try to pawn it off on someone else after failing a few times. We have a lot of cases in our own guild raids where we assign tasks like that to people and the SECOND they fail at it (for whatever reason), folks start trying to replace them (in that assignment) with another raider.

    Seems the tolerance level for just about every kind of obstacle on the road to loot is grossly low. :( It's killing our ability to encourage people to learn new skills, and get good at stuff that -- like you say -- they may NEED to do at a later point in time. Steamrolling/replacing is not the answer, and it's not how you make a useful raid member.

  8. I heal this fight as a disc priest (with an awesome druid at my side, plus a 3rd healer if we have one), in charge of both tank healing and cleansing. Doing both is challenging but entirely doable. And IMO being an OT in charge of cleansing in addition to kiting would be difficult. The healers have others that can help cover them in doing their job, you only have you. If you aren't able to look ahead, and get stuck in the ooze and die, it's very likely a wipe. You maintaining aggro while staying out of melee range of the big ooze is the key to the fight, why distract you with the cleansing?

    Also Blizz has SUBSTANTIALLY improved how the little oozes merge with the big one — before you had to do the hokey pokey under the big ooze in hopes they'd merge, and now you just have to wander in the general direction and your little slime goes running. If there's no longer a benefit to late, close-range cleansing of the disease, you don't need to be the one doing it! We prefer to cleanse as early as possible (a nature resist aura or totem will nullify a whole bunch of the little slime's AoE, so it's much easier to heal through the AoE than the pre-cleanse healing debuff), but that part's up to your or your healers. : )

    Best of luck! This is a really fun fight once you get it down. Killed him 8 times and not bored yet!

  9. Healing that fight sucks. Dpsing that fight is frustrating. It's the "Offtank" on that fight that makes or breaks the battle.

    Rotface is a tough S.O.B. His poison pools, multiple infection blobs, and the blob explosions are a nightmare to deal with. With the hunter I run Our 10 man group... we couldn't get it.

    On my Dk, who's FAST becoming my favorite toon, we got it on a PuG. Yes. Ten people who have never worked together but did the lower level got this fool killed. It's group dynamics, personal skill, and LUCK. Sometimes it's the same guy that gets infected. Sometimes it's all random order.

    On 25 man, the Dk and her raid guild downed him on one shot last Thursday. We brough a gargantuan amount of dps and some stellar tanks. VENT was a must. Pro healers make it easier.

    My hunter's squad still can't get a good fight against him and he's well geared running with a group that's played together for 3 years.

    Good Luck to ye. Keep er diggin! That offtank is the HARDEST role in the room.