Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here's a Few Things

Just a couple of random thoughts today since I'm out of here at noon. House hunting is a pretty time consuming process it seems.  Well, that and Dragon Age: Origins.  All work and no play... amirite?

After my post yesterday, I mentioned in the comments that I'd taken the liberty to go and update Raider101.com's Demonology section while the information was fresh in my mind.  I wanted to make the effort to mention it in a more public area (this post) because it really is a good resource, and I was happy that I finally found a way to contribute.  You see, Nibuca is the Queen of Affliction as far as I'm concerned, and she's always done a wonderful job of keeping that part up to date.  Thus, I'd never really had a reason other than to double-check her always accurate information.   Yay for finding an uncovered niche!

The second random thought is more of a suggestion.  I love finding uses for my warlock portal.  I also finally saw my first kill of Festergut yesterday.  That fight is a great fight for the portal.  You collapse with the spore, then pop right back out to your designated position.  There is almost no downtime if you do it right.  Sure you still have to hoof it in, but I'm generally back and casting before anyone else is.  Good stuff.

Oh, and one more bonus thought.  If you're like me and haven't been able to get a wrist upgrade since ilvl 219 gear, go pick up the Wrathful Yadda Yadda Wrist piece.  Even though it's PvP, it's pretty good and wrists have been hard to come by in my neck of the woods.  We never did get the Ulduar pattern to drop, and haven't gotten anything in ICC either.  In fact, the piece was also an upgrade for my DK as well.  It'll run you somewhere around 43k honor, but that's not all that hard to drum up if you spend a week running BGs and such.  They both seem to be great pieces to bridge the gap until I get my lucky drop.  The next thing I'm going for is going to be the Wrathful Yadda Yadda Necklace.  I'm still sporting the EoE one.


  1. Wrathful Armbands are 43,600 honour, aren't they? Just got them for my tanking druid. There's been shite itemization for wrists. If I hadn't gotten someone to make me the ToC wrist patterns for my mage, I'd probably be sporting Naxx-25 gear, still. :P

  2. 43,400 to be exact... looked it up. I was way off! I'll edit it, thanks!

  3. Personally, I visit those PVP vendors quite often for my PVE gear. I participate in Wintergrasp whenever possible and always have a decent number of honor points. I also just picked up the PVP wrists (Wrathful Gladiator's Cuffs of Alacrity) and have been considering them for my PVE set. +60 haste and 106 spell power is equal/better than my Bejeweled Wizard's Bracers (50haste/80sp). The +crit and gem slot make them marginally better.