Monday, January 11, 2010

To Pull or not to Pull: Tank Etiquette 101

Hey gang!

Like most of you, I've been running chain heroics ever since 3.3. I'm not here to tell you about all of the fail pugs out there that I've encountered; I'm not going to talk about how crazy it is that tanks get Queued up so quickly while the "poor" DPS has to wait until I grace them with my Uber tanking presence. I'm also not going to talk about the Oculus incident (is it one or two C's PLEASE DONT FLAME ME) /cower

Nope, this is going to be about Tanking etiquette.

When you push that button that has that almighty icon of a Shield, you have just taken on the responsibility to protect your fellow mates (or absolutely random people). These tips are ESPECIALLY important if you are running with 4 other people that you've never ran with before. Let's treat this instance like a relationship.

What do we need for this relationship to succeed?

*Communication- With all relationships this is Key to success. These people cannot read minds. You, as the tank, should not assume that your healer knows you are about to pull the entire instance. Before your very first pull, take a look at your healer. What type of healer are they? A druid who is a mobile healer? Or a paladin who needs to actually stop running to cast spells. Personally, I never look at someone else's gear because I learn little to nothing about them. Let them know what your plans are for the instance. Do you plan to full clear? Do you plan to chain pull? Now, I'm not saying that you must have an hour chat with these folks but don't be that mute tank who assumes everyone knows the instance and has the ability to keep up with you if you go running off.

*Awareness- Don't assume (you'll see a trend of me using this word because assuming gets you into a heap of trouble) that everyone is a pro or Elite. Now, you don't need to treat them like a noob but treat them as if they are just geared for the instance and have never set foot into this place before (with the new instances this could actually be the case). Think that every hunter is going to pull for you, think that every healer is going to run Oom the moment you take any amount of damage. Watch your party member's health (and your healers mana) like a hawk. If someone is taking damage that they shouldn't, this might indicate that something has gone unexpected and the warlock ass pulled something. Awareness can really save your group from certain wipe. Most tanks stay out in front (don't let the rogue out in front of you, even if he assures you he "knows what he's doing") watch & occasionally turn around and make sure everyone's there and nothing is trailing behind. Would you leave your date behind to pick up the check on the first date? I think not!

*Togetherness- This is definitely something that separates the enjoyable runs from unnecessary wipes. On your first date together as a couple, you want to do things together right? You don't invite some girl out to putt-putt and abandon her on the first tee, "See you at the arcades! Have fun!" Well, you wouldn't do this to your party either, you have queued up TOGETHER! STICK TOGETHER! Do not leave your healer & DPS behind because that mob insulted your mother, just bloody wait a minute. I cannot tell you how many times, as a healer, I was left behind because I wanted to, you know... loot the mobs? Don't turn it into a luxury to get loot or skin in the instance. If you feel that this might be hard for you, type:

/range 30

This will pop up a window and will show you who in within 30 yards of you at any time during your run. For me, I will physically turn my camera around and see what's going on.

*Pace- You, as the tank, are put into the driver seat when it comes to setting the pace of the instance. You can go as fast or as slow as you feel comfortable but really think about everyone else's well being. Think of it this way, you are on your first date and you really like this girl. She seems like she enjoys your company. You can take your relationship at many different speeds but there are consequences if you pick the incorrect one. If you go too slow, she will become disinterested in you and may find you boring and look for someone else to please her and fulfill her needs. If you go too fast, she will most likely slap you in the face & leave abruptly with you unsatisfied and demoralized. Finding that happy medium is really best. I ALWAYS suggest starting off slower and working your way gradually faster until you find that happy medium that we all seek.

*Courtesy- This is going to be my motherly advice but BE NICE! Don't be a dick and yell at everyone because they are not Elite sauce like you are. Open the door for her, pull out her chair. Now you don't have be a kiss ass, but if the healer asks you to slow down in any variation (rude or not) actually slow down. Actively listen to the other people in your party. If someone doesn't like the way things are going, don't blow up in their face. Try to understand what they are saying. A lot of times you need to wade through the language that they are using. Be the bigger man! Often times, they are upset because someone isn't pulling the proper DPS or if the Hunter has +Str gems. Once those types of things drop into your party chat the mood of your instance run has just gone from potentially fun and enjoyable to awkward and uncomfortable for everyone. Be aware and actively avoid being an asshole.

I'm not saying that if you follow these key points, every LFG run will be successful, but it sure helps. As tanks, we have the luxury of queuing up whenever we feel like it and having a group at the drop of a hat. DPS do not. They could have been waiting for 30 some odd minutes for their "Da da da!" noise. If you jump in, realize that you don't like it what you see, drop group, you have just wasted that persons time and labeled yourself as a huge dick. Really think about what the end goal is for why you are queuing up. Do you want a quick badge run? Then actively try to make this possible with the least amount of resistance from you.

Go out there and be the best damn tank you can be!
You may get a little nookie if you do it right ;)

<3 Fuu

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