Thursday, January 7, 2010

Shadows, Now With More Cunning

The night before last, we finally finished the Quel'Delar quest chain. The hardest part, as expected, what knocking out each of the new heroics. As previously mentioned, they can be difficult enough to still cause a myriad of problems with random PuGs, so a good, preformed group really helps here.  I'm not going to ruin the storyline for anyone who hasn't done it, but I will say that the last two steps after you get out of heroic mode can be solo'ed. Don't let the word "Sunwell" scare you... you aren't going retro-raiding.

After it's all said and done, I was able to pick up a rather amazing 1H weapon for my DW DPS set. You can check out the stats (and my addons) in the following screenshot:

You can see I use both Pawn and Ratings Buster addons.  As with most 1H DPS weapons, this one is devoid of any Strength stat, which is a bummer, but the other goodies more than make up for it.  The best thing?  It's slow.  And by slow, I mean fucking slow.  2.7 swing speed slow.  That's good stuff for a DW DK.  Especially with a 205.6 weapon DPS.  Pop this puppy on your MH and watch your OB numbers skyrocket. 

It had been marginally tough to find good, slow, 1H DPS weapons.  I now have a 2.6 off hand and 2.7 main hand.  Since I've talented so that my special attacks hit with both hands (Threat o' Thass), this means I'm seeing some great numbers now, with the beefy QD netting me awesome crit numbers for a DW.  Yep, this one is going to be a staple for a long, long time.  Not to mention the sweet lore and epic quest chain involved.  I felt bad for Fuu because her priest had to get the mace.  The mace still has great stats, but it's not the Quel'Delar you just saved.  It's more like a simple quest reward and not like you're wielding an epic piece of awesomeness.  Poor priests.

Now, I'm hoping I can get a second hilt to drop so I can get this bad boy for my Warlock.  (Still, having recently acquired Seethe on my lock, it wouldn't not be nearly as big of an upgrade... or used as much since melee 'lock = fail). 

Oh, and did I mention that you get announced in Dalaran?  Yeah, who doesn't like when some hot belf chick is screaming your name?  I'll cop to that one.

Feel free to drop a question about my UI too if you see something you like/don't understand.  Yeah, I use Fortex on my DK too, wanna fight about?  I'll QD all over your face.


  1. You do not have to do the quest chain in heroic mode.

    Enjoy your new weapon. It's amazing.

  2. ha ha. True. But sometimes I forget anything else exists. Plus that's how I convinced others to come with me... It's dodgier if they don't think they're getting anything out of it ;-).