Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Remember The Crowd Controlomo!

Fuu and I were able to finish the next two legs of the Quel'Delar journey last night, clearly every single piece of trash in all three new instances in an effort to see another Battered Hilt drop. No dice. It seems we really were just that lucky.  I also learned that I could have traded the original hilt drop to my warlock, duh.  Information that would have come in handy before I'd started the chain!  Still, having just gotten the blade "Seethe" on my lock and the fact that my lock will continue to see ICC, my DK could definitely use the upgrade more.  So it's not a complete waste.

We did the legs with a preformed (gasp) group of five friends, all gathered in vent and having a blasty.  It was a lot of fun.  Throughout the course of the night, though, I was particularly struck by how hard it was for us.  I mean, I've struggled in there with PuGs often enough (see Murphy's Instancing Hell), but this was a group of my own choosing.  These were players I trusted.

Now, only a few of us were well-geared for the instances since three of our five were on alts, so it's no surprise that the new instances were a bit of a challenge.  I guess it's just that in this brave new world of content rolling PuGs, I've grown used to a certain looseness.  I mean, the blogosphere has been recently rife with QQ over newb and ninja tactics that have blossomed into full-blown epidemic with the advent of the LFG system.  Personally, I take a more laid back approach to the well-documented headaches than most.  I suppose I've always viewed random groupings as somewhat of a challenge of personalities, and thus with a certain amount of trepidation, steeling myself for the worst before the fights had begun.  Setting my standards low, I have often been pleasantly surprised, which I think works out better for me.

Also, I get something of a thrill from being the "all star" of the group.  That is to say, when everyone else sucks, it can be quite fun to try and snatch the elusive victory from the epic jowls of defeat.  Not that I've always been successful in that endeavor (or that it's often been necessary), but that I see making a fail-pug "not" fail as something of a personal triumph.  If we bloggers think so much of ourselves that we're out here telling everyone else how's it done, then we ought at least be able to carry a few newbs right? (Not that all bloggers think so highly of themselves and their skills.  In fact, it's probably completely to the contrary since many of us ended up out here by searching for answers to our own inadequacies). 

To me, then, it's even more exciting when it takes a full group of five "all stars" to succeed at a challenging bit of content.  This has always been the motor behind my drive to raid.  I love team sports, and raiding can often be an excellent portrait of a team sport, despite how popular media might portray gaming and gamers.  Last night was no exception to this thrill as it took a little something extra on each of our parts to get through some of the sticky situations we found ourselves in. 

I think perhaps the climax in my gaming tryst last night came when we were doing the waves in the first part of HoR.  We were: two DKs (my tank and another deeps), a retpally, and two priests (Jessabelle, responding to my plea on her disc and Fuu as her shadowy counterpart).  Since this is primarily a warlock blog, and warlocks don't even acknowledge that the word "priest" exists except in the general, "the person doing shiny shit over there that refills my life tapping" way, we may or may not recall that priests have a lovely CC ability known as shackle.  Yes, shackle.  Seen in such flicks as Moroes and Friends go to White Karastle. 

Holy crap, Inorite  WTFBBQ is CC?  Turn on the way-back machine and crank your Delorians to 1.21 gigawatts folks.... We used CC and it was incredible.

Yeah, it felt like the first time.  The very first time.

Now we may not wanna cop to it, but there was that one time back when we spent that summer at n00b camp when we got sort of frisky and may or may not have popped our CC cherry.  It was hard to know back then because everyone was doing it.

These days though, if you're doing it: you KNOW it.  It's like a ray of warm sunshine after a long, cold, dreary winter.  Things were so smooth.

Don't get me wrong, it was still a bit of a challenge, but it was manageable.  We even saved wipe a few times when stuff got crazy; we powered through and were able to bring it back from the brink.  Who doesn't love that feeling?  You know, where by all rights you should be dirt napping, but you've spit in the proverbial face of fate and are still standing?  Well, last night, it was brought to you by Shackle.  And some stuns.  And mind freezes.  And silences. 

lolwut?  We haz those abilities?  YESSSS!

CC, use it.  It has what plants crave.

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.


  1. AV- Aravin/Araat/VinenaroJanuary 5, 2010 at 12:45 PM

    Curse you! I want the battered hilt to drop for my DK soooo bad! oh well, hope to see yall online again soon.

    P.S. It's my 20th birthday today, WOOOOOO no longer a teen!

  2. OMG Kick him out of the Guild! He's too old!

    What did you get? A walker & false teeth?


    Happy Birthday Old Fart ;)