Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random Pictures that Amuse Me

Hey gang!

If you're like me, you Screen Shot anything that you feel is beautiful, Important, or just plain funny. I've accrued quite a few since I switched computers and I figured you might find them at least remotely interesting.

The Staring Contest!
The Gnome didn't feel that it was fair that I tower over her so I decided to stoop to her level. Stupid Gnome tricked me! See that little version of herself? During the second hour of our contest, it ran up & kicked me in the shins. Never Trust a Gnome in a Santa Suit! Especially one who has a Clone!

Buy Mah Fruit or the Humon Getz it!
Apparently Applebough has been getting a little testy with me as of late. You see, I normally just sell my junk that I get from Ice Crown when I return and really haven't looked at his wares since Naxx. I think he's finally had it and grew into a Oak Tree! Last I saw of him, he stomped on a Hunter's Spirit Beast out of rage and the Dalaran mages ported him out. I wonder where they sent him...

The No Pants Dance!
So many people were talking about having mana issues and Paladin tanks doing Crazy things in order to keep from going OOM. I took it upon myself to try out a little Experiment if you will. I've heard Rumors RUMORS I SAY! That if you take off your pants, helm, or other pieces of gear and are still over 535 Defense for Heroics, you shouldn't have many problems regarding mana since you are now taking more damage. Needless to Say, I still had to be careful about mana but my Husband had a nice view while I was tanking ;)

Wonder what Priests do when they aren't healing?
I bring you Exibit A Ladies & Gentlemen.

So there you have it! A small taste of what I see on a regular basis in good ol' Azeroth. I hope these don't disrupt your sleeping patterns.

<3 Fuu

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