Monday, January 4, 2010

We Can Haz Quel'Delar?

Back to work means back regular posting, and while I /groan at the working part, it is nice to have a regular schedule.  Holidays usually get me all out of whack and I'm one of those people that likes to patterns.  I'm a creature of habit.  Sometimes its nice to break the pattern, but other times it feels comfortable to get back into it.  Not that I'm enjoying my early, sleep-deprived mornings any more than I have previously.  I still rebel against the fact that we're a culture that completely ignores one of humanity's basic needs... all in the name of capitalism.  After all, the early bird gets the worm right?  So if you're not an early riser, you must be a lazy, no-good bum. At least that holds true for about 75% of America (I'm not sure about elsewhere). 

In any case, you probably didn't come here today to commiserate about the epic struggle of the alarm clock boss.  There is no good strategy for that anyways.  I personally prefer the "hit snooze and hope for a different spawn" approach, but I can't say that it works reliably.  Only when the instance is really glitched out.  And just ONCE I want to come into work, enter the revolving door, and be spit back out with someone yelling "additional instances cannot be launched".  I would celebrate that one.

No, I'm sure you came here today expecting to read something interesting (or perhaps at least to breeze by on your way to a clear reader).  Well, getting back into the swing of things is rough and I have a full reader too, so I'll keep this short.

Fuu and I both had what must be the luckiest day of our lives two nights ago.  We saw two battered hilts drop, and, what's more, we won the resulting need roll in both instances.  Now, I have a sneaking suspicion that they've adjusted the drop rates for the things, but still, winning both rolls on our first glimpse of the epic quest chain starter is luck indeed.  Of course, this luck found us on our alts, which is less than ideal, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Or in any other part of it's anatomy for that matter.  A mount is a mount, except when it's an epic quest chain and then it's purple and rife with lore.

What the hell am I talking about?  Ah yes, the recently added quest chain for the Quel'Delar.  What's a Quel'Delar?  Why a sword of a course!  A purple, dragonforged, ilvl=awesome sword (unless you're a tank).  The quest chain itself is a recent recipient of a famed "Best of Show" award over at the Pink Pigtailed Inn.  The five part series takes you through all of the new instances, and even back into the old, TBC Sunwell to see it's restoration.  So far, Fuu and I have only done stage one, so I can't really comment about the entire thing, but it's already been quite epic and enjoyable.  Really, who doesn't enjoy a good quest chain?

It does require a fair amount of instance running, which should be cake with the new LFG system.  Unless of course you're me.  Then, you will always draw HoR randomly and when you suggest to the system that you'd like to do Pit of Saron you get Violet Hold because "oh-damn-how'd-that-box-get-checked".  Then when you do run stuff you get six people that want to drop for unexplained reasons and your mom calls on the tele for a chat while you wipe because you apparently forgot what buffs and armor are.  Don't ask me why, I've just all of a sudden lost the ability to do anything "real quick".  I'm stuck in Murphy's Instancing Hell.

So I'm hoping that getting back on my regular schedule also fixes my sudden propensity for group fail.  That, and I think I'm going to badger Miss Medicina into healing for me.  Help me, Miss Medicina, you're my only hope.



    Also, I'm curious - did you want the weapons more on your alts than your mains? Otherwise, why not just send the battered hilt to your mains?

  2. Too Late! We've already started the process.

    I'm personally happy that I got it on Abi because she will get MUCH more use out of it than Fuu. Since the Mace is viable for both Healing & DPSing as a Priest, I'm super excited about it. Slap the +SP enchant on it, and away I go.

    Also, I'm thinking that I want to start focusing more on Shadow. Healing is Frustrating & Sparatic.

    To compare it to a business:

    Fuu is like the CEO of the company. She has "total" control over the situation as the tank.

    Abi, on the other hand, as a healer, is sorta like the Janitor. No one really gives a crap about what she's doing as long as she cleans up other people's messes.

    DPS are kinda like the blue Collar workers. They are the ones who get it done and go home. Occasionally, you'll get the assistant Manager DPS who takes credit (Spams Recount) for "Their" hard work.

    You know... not sure where I'm going with this. Anyways, Abi may turn evil here quite soon.

  3. Grats on the hilt! I've seen it drop four times and I've lost 'em all.

    Also glad you're back. My 'lock is at 70 and I am teh suk with him. MAKE ME 1337!!!

  4. Ha TY. Let me know how it goes with the lock by the time you hit 80 :-D.