Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The List of 2010: Fuubaar Style

So... Since everyone else did some sort of "best of" '09 crap, I wanted to map out the things that I want to accomplish in 2010. Some of these are already pretty close to being finished but they are still goals regardless.

Without further ado:

- Kill the Lich King on either 10 or 25man the 10 man group that I've been slowly (I mean F'ing slow) has solid potential if we stick with it. We two shotted Marrowgar the first time we'd seen the fight and are working out the kinks in the Lady Deathwhisper fight. I feel that if we put more time into it, we will Whirlwind that place.

- Finish "What A Long, Strange Trip" I'm actually one single Achievement away from my Violet-Proto drake. The School of Hardknocks really upset me because I was leveling my baby Abigora at the time and I only had a few shots at finishing this up. This year, I should be able to solely focus on just getting this during Children's Week.

- Finish the Argent Tournament I started really strong on this one but I petered out out of sheer boredom and ADD. I just have Darnassus and Exodar remaining to champion with and I'll be finished.

- All of the Heroic Achievements Last night really sealed the deal with this. Fuubaar only has a handful left to finish up. We did some Ooze achievement in the Hall of Stone that really added some flare and difficulty to a very trivial instance. I'm thinking about gathering up the best of the best to plow through these. Should be quite fun if you ask me.

- 50 Mounts I think I'm around 38 mounts right now. There are still vendor mounts that I could still purchase (200g flyers from Shadowmoon in Outlands) but I've been saving my coppers for Epic flying on Abigora.

- 75 Non-Combat Pets I'm siting around 70 or so right now and that's pretty much without trying to grind any of them. I might try to go after some of the ones that might disappear during Cataclysm (Whelps). I'm pretty sure at the rate at which Blizzard keeps adding new ones to the game, I should be just fine :)

- Out DPS Fulguralis on Abigora in Shadow Yeah, I know that this is probably something that I'll never achieve but hey! I gotta aim high right?Affliction Warlocks & Shadow Priests are pretty similar so there can't be much bitching if I do happen to beat him. No melee burst BS that you warlocks like to spew :P

- Get a Third 80 before Cataclysm Drops I'm still debating on what toon to level for my Uber DPS. I Want to Top charts baby! The reason why I want another 80 is because.... umm... I have no clue, but I love leveling toons in WoW. Not sure why I guess. Masochistic, maybe. I want 4 80s over all to try every aspect of this wonderful game.

- Perfect my Elemental Shaman Twink my baby Shammy is still gobs of fun. I love playing defense with her in Warsong Gulch. She's still only 18 and I haven't turned off XP yet. She's currently stuck in Exodar for the time being because I can't get a port out to Stormwind. I think what I want to do is once I hit 19, I'll turn off XP and maybe queue up for one of the lowbie instances and see if I can get any good drops. Should be fun stuff.

- Hit 50k Gold I've made a post a while back about using Alchemy to make some gold in the game. This worked out quite well until Frost Lotus hit an all time high at 70g each on my server. That alone sends flask prices through the roof. Even with the 70g Lotus, NO ONE IS STOCKING THE DAMN AH! There are normally around 1 single page of them anymore and you get like two or three that are priced properly, then you get that idiot who prices one single Frost Lotus for 10k gold. Needless to say, the Flask market is quite a mess. I still ended up with around 10k gold splattered around on a few of my toons. I'm thinking of focusing more on the JC market since the new content hit yesterday. Everyone needs gems right? 50k gold might not seem like a lot to some people but that means that I never have to worry about Gold (I don't really now but I still feel a hurt if I fork over the major prices) and I wont feel so bad about splurging on things that I shouldn't.

- More Roleplaying I might try to set aside an hour each week or every other week for this. I have a horde toon on a RPPVP server that has some real potential to be awesome. I rolled a Belf hunter and she had her very first interaction with some fellas outside of Silvermoon. She's been asleep in the library for over a month now. I think her coma should be over here soon.

- Try Arenas I've been super curious about this. I like pvp sometimes on specific toons (lolret is not for me) and I would like to try and see if I'm any good at it. Probably not but eh, you'll have that.

I might add more to this list over time especially when they announce when Cataclysm's Due date. Do any of you plan to try something new this year?

<3 Fuu


  1. So you want your third toon to top DPS charts?

    Then you'll probably be wanting a hunter or mage, I'm guessing. I'm not an expert or uberleet raider or anything, but they seem to be doing really well (still). Rogues seem to do plenty damage, but with the way a lot of fight mechanics are, they seem to favour ranged for strict DPS numbers.

    And I know a self-respecting 'lock would never roll a mage, but stranger things can happen. Like me, with a mage main, rolling a 'lock! (then again, I've had self-esteem issues since Junior high! *sniff!*) ;)

  2. @ Darthregis

    yeah, I tried rolling a mage but I died so much before I hit 20, I deleted her lol. I always thought a Fire Mage would be fun but I dont think I could manage to lvl a Clothy solo without a pet. Maybe I could lvl the Warlock and run Destro. That's pretty much a Fire mage right?


  3. You don't have to get a port to Stormwind for your twink, you know... there's a direct route from Auberdine to there now, where the Menethil Harbor boat used to be.

  4. Fuu, the mage in me wants to retort with, "You only like your pet because you need the game to be EZ Moade." ;)

    Fire mages are lots of fun... but not to level with. If you ever try to go the magey way again, definitely do it as frost. The increased survivabilty makes it a lot less frustrating. Eventually you'll be grabbing five mobs at a time and AoE'ing them down like it ain't no thang.

    Even all 71 points in the Frost tree is still a reasonably viable solo spec. You just need to tweak the spec once you hit 80. Or respec, of course.

  5. @ Stop

    yeah I know that they changed the boats around but damn it! I'm lazy and that's what mages are for right? Port my Totem littering ass around! I'll give you 5g ;)

    @ Darthregis

    Regarding the pet arguement... HELL YES I WANT EZ MODE! Wanna fight about it. When I was lvling my hunter, I was doing the red quests with ease. Even soloing group quests in Stranglethorn. It was a ton of fun to see what I could get away with. Maybe I liked having a pet when I solo so I'm not so lonely. I guess mages could have three friends every once in a while but they are really dumb company. Maybe if I roll a worgen in cataclysm, I'll try another mage.

    yeah my mage was specced for Frost. I was used to my paladin tank when I rolled her. I was appalled by the lack of survivability and she collected dust. She probably never really had a chance tbh.

  6. @Fuubaar: But I don't have a mage either! WTB portals as well. :D

    Also: Frost Mages can totally have a permafriend now. You just have to wait until they can summon the water elemental to begin with, which is a long while.