Thursday, October 15, 2009

Work Crit +10

I have no less than three posts that I've started typing, only to be stolen away by the work boss. Being a test engineer, work comes very much in waves. Some weeks are really slow, others are ridiculously busy. This is one of those busy ones, complicated by the fact that: 1. We just emerged from bankruptcy and have gotten a load of new business as a result - and - 2. This is the last week of the regular season for Indiana High School football. When coaching and working collide, blog time gets a rather massive crit on time. Heck, so does lunch (which I'm skipping today in favor of some "in-flight" Taco Bell on my way to practice).

In any case, I had an article half written today about Spiritmastering in Aion which I wanted to do a good job of, so I'm not going to rush it and thereby commit sins of omission.

In lieu of that article, I'm going to link some real articles to substitute for my own...

The lovely and intriguing Mrs. Sideshow (see what I did there) writes about re-becoming a newbie. Great points and an echo of feelings I think many of us WoW-Aionites share. I would, however, suggest that she bind her bags and such to similar keys so as to stave off confusion... both games do offer customizable keybinds XD.

The healful yet militant Miss Medicina (healful is new word, you heard it here first, and Jess defines it.) writes about the problem with theorycrafting. Her well put argument illustrates why guide writing is so difficult to do properly, IMO. Often times, I'm rather against guides in general when they try to dictate playstyle as opposed to enticing one to use one's own brain to choose for themselves. A lot of bloggers do a very good job of getting readers to think for themselves with their guides. EJ is not the site for that, unless you use it appropriately as a resource.

Sick of MMO's? I don't know why you're reading me then, but check Samo out as he dives in the world of console gaming with an Ultimate Alliance 2 review. Makes me nostalgic for the days when I used to console game. I still do on occasion, but not as much as I'd like. The holidays ARE coming though...

Finally, want a cool picture? Check out Abi's new Mammoth, then go read Darraxus's song/advertisement about "that" guy.... You know who you are. Makes me want to drink... but then again so does work, which I have to now get back to!

You know you're starting to get important when you get pulled into random meetings that don't enable you to do your job and you really have no input in whatsoever. People just feel better if you're there. That, and meetings are really a shared pain. No one likes to suffer alone. So maybe I'm not important, maybe I'm just becoming the office tank. Heals pls, DPS this motha down, kthxbye.


  1. Happy Bloganniversary hun!

    1 year to date :D

  2. Happy Bloganniversary!!! Congrats

  3. Woo! Where's the cake and booze?

    And, yes, I -could- rebind those keys... but then my fumbling would be less amusing. :P

    Although, as much as I would like to rebind so they are the same.... the bindings themselves make sense in their respective games... >.> I'm such a pain lol