Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scenes From The Field

Today is going to be a montage of screenshots, mostly taken by Fuu, that just are fun and for your viewing pleasure. I may try to explain a bit of each, or just let you figure it out...

First up, from the World of Warcraft:

Flying Sharks?

Fuubaar of the Penguins

That's a huge... minion.

Croc Surfing is always a fun way to get where you're going.

Congrats to Fuu on her second 80!

And now, some shots from Aion:

Ahhh capitalism...

That's some baaaad corn.

These last two require a bit of an explanation. I had mentioned the other day that we were involved in some massive PvP action. After a two hour siege, we had finally made it down to the "boss" of the fortress. Basically, deep in the heart of the fortress is a large, guardian-like character that is the final thing that needs to be killed for your faction to capture the fortress. He/she/it is the objective, if you will. I want to stress the utterly cool feeling of having laid waste to this place for the last two hours, busting through defenses, to stream down a spiral staircase and into a large chamber that houses the monstrosity you will soon see. It's really an epic feeling. Fuu and I each got a shot from our respective viewpoints, and you can see not only the winged beast (this fortress was controlled by the Elyos. Had it been a Balaur fortress, the guardian might have looked a lot more demonic), but also the multitude of people gathered at it's gigantic feet, attempting to grasp victory. So, without further ado...

My View

Fuu's View



    That's so cool that you took her all the way to 80!

    Lil' Abigora grew up so fast! Abigore would be proud!


  2. Fuubaar/Abigora/AwrathOctober 21, 2009 at 9:34 AM

    Yeah, she dinged last week some time. I leveled her as Shadow and now I'm running heroics with her as Disc & I really enjoy that a lot.

    I'll probably keep both sets of gear up to date as possible so that both of her specs are a viable option. I'm trying to get her out of Blues & greens right now. Healy priests tend to frown on hit gear ;)

    Thanks again for all of your help Abi and showing me the ways of the "Clothie"