Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts by Fulguralis

A collection of random things have been rattling around in my head and I wanted to get them out. None are really worth their own post, so they can share a space.
  • The site got a face lift. It needed it. Thanks Fuu! Suggestions Welcome.
  • So race change has apparently become available. Does the blogosphere need another announcement from a blogger such as myself? I think not.
  • Apparently GC made some remarks about a so-called "hybrid tax". I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, I'm going to stand firm in my belief that a vast majority of us just aren't good enough to really make any of this minutia matter.
  • Sort of along with that last bit about minutia, give me back fear as a viable anything to use in any sort situation and we might talk. Seriously, it's even worthless in the fake PvP faction champions fight. I mean, it's bad enough that every player has at least four different ways to get out of my three variations of fear, but these faction champions might as well be immune. When did fear become the same as an interrupt, and even then only sometimes effective at that? Gosh I hate that faction champion encounter. PvE folks just don't adapt well do they?
  • Here's a new lock blog I found recently. Cheer him on as we attempt to encase the universe in a shard.
  • Now that I've been raiding more, I'm not sure what to buy with my emblems. I have way too much hit, but am loathe to get rid of me tier bonuses. I did snatch up the robe you can get with conquest emblems though and gave up on ever getting 4pT7. What's the point? T9 inc soon, right? The good part is that I've been running my DK a lot and she needs the upgrades. She's been raiding with full Hateful Gladiator gear (yeah, I used to PvP a lot on her), but now she needs some proper raiding duds. That, and a lot of hit. Maybe my warlock can trade her some of his hit...
  • Loved this story. Mr. Butt is an inspiration in his own right.
  • The Spoon keeps hitting us with some good Aionic information. Check out the apparel, plus NCSoft is actually listening to us. Yay feedback! I have high hopes for the future (and present) of this game.
  • What's up with the Harvest Festival in Aion? I've got some candy, but like, are there others parts to it? Obviously NCSoft needs to work on their holidays. Still, see the aforementioned high hopes to know that I think they'll get it right soon enough. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day, and God was going to build the world in 7 days until Chuck Norris gave him only 6. Maybe we need to get Chuck Norris to comment on Aion, then all will be made perfect, nao.
  • Raising the level on your skills is freaking expensive in Aion, and I've never been a money making machine. *Sigh* to be poor again in a game is a double edged sword. Same with being a newb.
  • If Gold ~ Cash; then Kinah ~ Yen. (Or the old standardized test notation... Gold:Cash::Kinah:Yen. A baloo is a bear.) Or maybe Pesos, not sure about conversion rates, but you get the point.
  • I'm gonna search for some more Aion blogs. It's needed.
That is all.


  1. oooo, a new lock's blog, thanks guys, heading over there to read some.

  2. I believe I am one person who can really know if this hybrid tax is true. As of now it isn't but we will see. Since I have a mage and a feral druid who are geared similarly I notice that they are about the same in dps depending on the fight. But since I have a hybrid and pure class, I really think there is no hybrid tax, yet. We will see. I know you hate mages but they should still be able to beat a feral druid.