Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Price of Blame Has Just Gone Up

Is there anything more American than blaming someone else for virtually everything? Is there anything more warlocky than blaming another warlock for your inner and outer demons? (Side correlation of rhetorical questions: Warlocks = The American Way? Discuss.)

Personally, few things are more enjoyable to my singed and sharded soul than blaming random things on otherwise nice and innocent people. The latest post over at S&S announces a charitable competition of sorts that is enough to make my shriveled fingers catch fire in excited anticipation. In fact, I'm so enthused about this that I'm going to do something that I don't normally do: put my money where my oratory orifice is. (Plain mouths are just lame, and, as a warlock, I don't always have to talk to make myself heard.)

That's right, Syrana, you read me right, I'm offering contributions to the cause. Here's the deal: I'll pick up the tab for the next 500 "blames". I have faith that, as Americans AND Warlocks, we can take blame slinging to a beautiful new level of awesomeness that'll make Arthas look like a true team player. If we don't hit the first 500, then I'll double the initial price of blame that Syrana set to make the blame hit that much harder. I think we'll easily hit that though, and I don't wanna see the juice turned off.

So get yourself a twitter account and get to blaming. Trust me, you'll feel glorious.

(In any case, it's for a great cause and through good people... get on board already!)

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  1. Excellent! :D Now I'll feel even better about all the blame I'll be carrying for the next month.