Friday, October 9, 2009

A New Addition

Midnight: "Ménage à trois."
Berry Blue: "Girl, that's not even English! Plus, it's three words."
Midnight: "How the bloody hell do you know? You're not French."
Berry Blue: "I know all the words of looove."
Midnight: "What's love got to do with it?"
*Sparkie looks between the two bickering minions and then down at the Scrabble board between them. He then looks forlornly at the door as if hoping his master will return soon.*
Berry Blue: "Besides, you didn't even spell it right. Manageatwat is not even a word."
*DeeGee snickers as he walks by on his way out of the house. Berry Blue frowns at his back.*
Berry Blue: "That dude can never stay put, why do you keep enticing him here, Nighty?"
*Midnight shrugs*
Midnight: "He's good for a quickie."
*Berry Blue shakes his head and removes some game pieces from the board. Midnight pouts.*
Midnight: "Why do you always call Pablo when the oven's broken? The bastard only stays for like... a minute, tops."
Berry Blue: "He's handy. He's got the smoothest hands with a wrench that I've ever seen. That cat gets the job done real quick. Can't keep Berry Blue from his food for too long. Definitely not cool."
*Spaz enters from the back and looks around mischievously, spotting the board and sneaking into a position across the room from it.*
Berry Blue: "Tenderness. Goes great with looove. Count 'em up."
Midnight: "I beg to differ."
*The front door opens and a foul looking ghoul comes in.*
Berry Blue: "Dusty, what's shakin?"
Dusty: "Ahhgh unhhh."
*Midnight looks questioningly at Berry Blue*
Berry Blue (in a whisper): "Poor cat's got a thing with his lower jaw, can't talk good."
Midnight (also in a whisper): "A thing? His bloody jaw is missing!"
Berry Blue (whisper): "That too. Master wants us to chill with him though, now that that Death Knight's going to be hangin'."
Dusty: "Arhha Uhhn, uhht hahhanah?"
Berry Blue: "We're just playin' some Scrabble, you want in?"
*Dusty nods and sits down at the table.*
Midnight: "Triage. Sometimes a post-romp ritual."
Dusty: "Ughh."
*Berry Blue chuckles.*
Midnight: "What'd he say?"
Berry Blue: "Don't worry your pretty little head about it."
*The imp, having aimed his head straight for the table, takes off running at full speed across the room.*
Berry Blue: "Your turn, Dusty."
*Calmly, a shadowy hand reaches out and snags the imp off the ground, spinning the imp around and setting him back off in the direction from which he came.*
Berry Blue: "Watch this."
*BAM! Spaz runs head first into the wall, knocking himself out cold.*
Midnight: "Serves the bugger right."
Dusty: "Uhhn."
*They all look down to see that the ghoul has spelled out, quite perfectly, onomatopoeia. Midnight and Berry Blue both gaze in open astonishment at Dusty.*
Berry Blue: "Looks like I might have some competition."
*Midnight pouts.*

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  1. Ghouls are the cutest thing to be in this game.

    The quest where you get turned into one & have to run around & do someone's bidding was one of my favorite quests in Northrend.

    Who doesn't want to run around and feed your friends bowls of brains?


    Maybe eating moar brains makes you smarter.

    *wishes she could spell*

    "Whats everyone want for Lunch?"

    "Brains it is!"

    "Awww, I hate brains"