Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Enchanting Service Announcement

I haven't really seen it announced anywhere, but they hotfixed in a new pattern for enchanters. Abyssal Shatter is the name. Creating essences or dust from an Abyss crystal is the game. The result is random, with essences seeming to happen more of the time. Still, you get more dust per result than essences, so I imagine it almost balances out.

To get this pattern, you just go to the trainer in Dalaran and pick it up for some cash...
This Is The Place.

There are some other rumored changes coming our way in the 3.3 patch, but I'll continue with my tradition of not covering such things until they go live. For the preview, check out what Abi has written here. At least we look to be getting a bit of attention, though it may be the wrong attention.

Also, good article here, even if it's from a mage. The comments are fun to read on this one as well.

(I suppose I felt I needed to give a few links since the service announcement was so short and to the point.)

This has been an enchanting service announcement. Thank you for reading.


  1. Stop making comments about mages!! It is just wrong, and ya know mages are pretty.

  2. lol... a kelly troll!

    You mages creep me out. :-D

  3. yeah take your 4 creepy friends & DIAF!

  4. Abyssal Shatter saved our guild banks enchanting funds! Since none of us really need the gear from Uld-10 and some of us still farm Naxx-10 for emblems, we were chock full of abyss shards and running very low on dust/essence. SWEET REDEMPTION!


  5. Yeah, seems like a smart move on Blizz's part as Dust was such a PITA for a Tailor/Enchanter to keep.