Thursday, October 1, 2009

AI: A Quick Peek

My employer is exiting bankruptcy today, so things are understandably a bit crazy around here. As such, I've been running around signing papers and being a good employee, thus late post today. In an effort to keep it quick, I'm just going to post up a couple of screenshots of my latest Aionic activities and let them do (most of) the talking.

First, here's a look at Genevieve at level 20. You can see the stunning gates of Altgard Fortress in the background, as well as my current UI setup. There's not much to it, as Aion doesn't have 3rd party addons, but you can see I've enable all of the extra bars and shrunk stuff a bit to maximize my viewing area.
I <3>

Second, the legion had it's first "raid" in Aion last night. I walked in to find myself in a group with six others (some of whom you may recognize) surrounding a box and... um... doing naughty things to it. (There were a plethora of box related innuendos). It seems that sometimes random treasure chests will spawn in Aion's zones, and that you can kill them for some free loot. While the boxes don't hit back, they are immune to any and all magic, and can only be hit by physical attacks for a grand total of 1 damage per attack. Hence the group effort. More attacks make for a quicker box session I suppose. Hilarity ensued, and, of course, I got a screenshot of the ruckus.
That's a HUGE b...ox.

So that's it for this quick peek into Atreia. Still loving the game and avoiding the queue. Now, back to the RL grind.

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