Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The World of... Spousal Disagreements

I don't have very much to say today on account of little time-sink called spousal disagreements. You see, from time to time, two people, when they love each other a lot... want to beat the freaking shit out of each other!

Yeah, that's right, this is NOT the birds and the bees speech (although sometimes that is encompassed in a happy ending to the spousal disagreement (see what I did there, ha ha, then parenthetical within parenthetical... I am ON today!)), this is the cold, hard truth. Live with someone long enough, you're gonna wanna throw them out the window every now and then. It happens, deal. I don't care if you're the nicest person in the world, some day someone is going to push the button on you that makes you want to kick a puppy into a baby, sending both out the window and onto a jagged bed of sporks below.

I'm just saying, it happens.

One of the unfortunate side effects of the spousal disagreement is that /playtime is greatly impacted. That isn't to say it goes away, because, as any good gaming couple knows, sometimes it's used as leverage within the argument. Or, as a welcome distraction from the argument IN THE MIDDLE of said argument. (not later, oh no, not later). Sometimes this also results in one of the two hiding out in another room ruminating (ha, see what I did there too. HA, I'M SO CLEVER) about things unknown. *sexist comment incoming* Usually this is the girl.

What can I say, girls are the ruminators. Sort of like the terminator, only less muscle bound and more mind ninja. I have to add, to a guy, this part is REALLY FREAKIN' SCARY. I mean, I'm not sure I want to know what you're ruminating about, but even if I did know, I realize I completely lack the capacity to understand it. Hell, so does the rest of the male population. Or at least a vast majority, who, along with me, cock their heads at each other and say: "what the frack did I just do?"

Deep down, we're pretty sure we need to apologize for something, but I swear to you, we don't know what it is. If we did, we probably wouldn't be having this fight. Plus, you know, we're right. As usual. Wait... maybe that's the attitude that got us in this mess in the first... oh look, convenient explosive distraction that removes logical thinking. Sort of like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

In any case, Fuu and I had a bit of that last night. Don't worry, we settled it like any good gaming couple would: character duels and theorycrafting. Actually, that's a lie, she just pwned a sudoku and I finished a chapter in my latesty fantasy novel... but no one was on the couch! Upon reflection and after some yelling, we weren't really sure what happened (as such things go sometimes), so we just chalked it up to some bad food buffs or just needing a quick refresh on our Blessing of Sanctuary. Because, if there is one thing gamers are anal about, it's that they get ALL their buffs.

Then of course, I blogged about it on my personal blog and all of my family chimes in with comments basically saying it was obviously my fault. Thanks fam! What would I do without all of you? *Sigh*

So all I did was grind Aether in the middle of the fight, which almost resulted in some falling deaths, but got me nearly to 75. I also checked in on my various guild fora during the rumination period, noting that we're taking a week off of WoW raiding due to low moral from loot drama and increasingly busy officer schedules. Sounds bad, but it's not so much, people sometimes just need that rumination period. (Periods, who needs 'em, amirite?) . So like, I suppose all that's left is for me to focus on Aion the rest of this week, not being a big holiday achiever. (For those of you doing the Brewfest grind, *cheers*! I tip one back IRL to your commitment to the cause of drunkenry).

For Aion, it may be nice to point out that my Spiritmaster is up to 19. I'll make a post soon about rotational things. Also, I've purchased a MERC Stealth keyboard for this game, finally taking the plunge into the world of gaming keyboards. There are just so many "situational" things that I want at my fingertips when playing my SM that could come in handy now that I'm just dipping into the PvP scene. More on that as I'm able to try it out.

I also got a great email from a reader about an alternative DW DK tanking spec that I think will be worth posting, so look for that in the near future as well. Love emails.

Apologies for two off topic rants in a row... I guess I'm just on a roll. Once it starts, it's hard to cage the beast.

Advice for any of you who are grinding in the WoSD along with me: Suck it up, make a lame-ass apology admitting your innate failure to comprehend the female mind, and enjoy your happy ending. Or get slapped. There are really only two endings. Choose wisely.


  1. Dude. I'm siding with Fuu too. Everytime Darf and I have a fight, my entire family sides with him, soooo...

    We have a "no one sleeps on the couch" rule. It's actually a pretty stupid rule, because what ends up happening is that we both lay in bed, he's snoring away, and I'm plotting different ways to kill him.

  2. It seems it is the male's lot in life to be wrong. Even when he's not. It's like, inherent in the Y chromosome or something.

    Seems to work out OK in the end, though.

  3. @Grimmtooth

    Oh I call total BS on that! Just ask a male engineer - you guys are NEVER wrong, no matter how much evidence is shown to suggest otherwise.

    I'll admit when I'm wrong - my fiance will just twist words around so that he somehow comes out right!

  4. @Jess

    Oh, when it comes to engineers we're in a whole new realm of absurdity, for sure.

    With engineers, it depends on the stage of life they're in. Larval engineers are never wrong, while seasoned ones have learned that it is easier to work from a position of defeat.

    My uncle Charlie had it down to an art form, but he was highly experienced. Maybe when I grow up I'll be that good.

  5. Ohhh GOD!

    This is way too close to home....

    I DON'T know what annoyed the hell out of you... I just did my usual boy stuff.. the stuff you married me for...

    I therefore DON'T know what to apologize for.. even though I have now apologized for a dozen imagined transgressions.

    Salt in the wound.. One hour later (after game time is totally gone), when i apologize one last time...

    "why couldn't you have just said that an hour ago..."