Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Had An Off Night

The dancing llamas told me to take a sick day today. I just woke up. I feel lazy, but perhaps re-energized. We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday was a struggle right down to when I forgot I had to coach a football game (it was moved to Tuesday due to Labor Day on Monday, duh), so I had to be an hour late to our raid. No biggy, but it means I came in on Kologarn. Now, that fight went fine and I did around 4k damage, reminding me as I finished 6th on the meters that I really do need to net me some upgrades soon. I just haven't had anything fun drop on those first few Ulduar bosses, and I'm still a few emblems shy of the 58 shot chest token.

The problem with coming in on Kologarn is that you usually go to Auriaya next. You know, the fight that makes me want to punch babies. And punch them I did. There was so much QQ, and it was like there was always something little that prevented us from succeeding. We were just having one of those "off-nights" where, for whatever reason, you just can't do anything even moderately challenging.

It's really a group fail. It's like everyone is just one button slower (sick me included), so that the little things stack up and equal death to the raid. Off nights on Auriaya suck.

We went to Razorscale to try to end the night positive and one shotted her. However, I noticed that her damn fireball thingies were hitting me for like 9k. I have around 17k health with raid buffs. That's more than half my health! Did they buff her? WTF?!

Since we, as a group, weren't doing the little things right, I was rarely topped off. Then, I'd get nailed for over half my health, followed up by a chain lightning from one of the add mobs, which of course weren't perfectly tanked... dead warlock. Looking back though, I can't expect tank healing on a clothy. I can't expect perfect tanking on the add phases. So I really don't see a way around my death. On a "keyed-in" night, we probably keep me alive, but not on off nights.

I don't remember that ever being a problem before. Maybe we just haven't had an off night like this in a long while. Maybe they did buff the dragon. Maybe I was just extremely unlucky. Either way, I came in for three bosses, and didn't enjoy two of them because one is the fight from hell that we failed and the other I got two shotted early on and got to watch from the floor. I've been spending a lot of time on the floor lately. Did I mention I'm in bad need of some upgrades?

Maybe I'll capitalize on this sick day and get back into the 10-man Crusader raid tonight. I dunno, Aion is calling me in Open Beta pretty hard. In any case, does your raid group have "off nights"? Do you just power through them, or is there some trick I'm missing?


  1. Yeah there's actually no good excuse for DPS to not be topped off pretty quickly when there are SEVEN v. strong healers, and the DPS in question isn't doing anything wrong.

    Last night was literally a nightmare.

  2. The major frustration that I had last night was I wanted to learn how to OT those fights & I was repeatedly whispered, "Why don't you just switch to DPS & have a MAN show you how to tank those adds young lady"

    I may be the result of some of the frustration last night but I learned a ton.

    Ever since the wedding, I felt out of the loop with EGA and them having a new MT for all of the fights. I didn't want to encroach upon someone else's terf so I Dual specced Ret & just watched the fights. I feel that the only way to learn is to actually do it.

    Last night, I stood up for myself & did it. Obviously, there were a few fights that I didn't want everyone to beat their heads against a wall just because of me so I let someone else do it.

    I appoligize fully for the frustrations that EGA felt because of my stumped learning curve.


  3. @Fuu

    lol you were learning? You were doing awesome. None of the healers were having any significant problem keeping you up, as far as I know!

  4. Thankies for the link love. :) I've only logged into WoW for a few hours since OB started for Aion... and that was only because the lag was keeping me from playing. >.>