Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fuubaar's Rant on Pally Buffs! (If you are NOT a Paladin PLEASE read this)

I am here to talk to all of you about a HUGE pet peeve of mine.


The Paladin Buff

Why on God's Green Earth do ALL of you bitch about us not buffing you properly?! What other class has such an insane amount of buffs that EVERYONE wants and demands them every 25minutes (I say this because your little beady eyes are always looking at our buffs. "ZOMG It's going to run out in 5 minutes I better warn that paladin about it")


It turns red when it gets low. WE GET IT!

Do you understand that we have to pay for those freaking buffs. EVERY TIME I buff you, I'm paying for it. I WILL not rebuff anytime BEFORE 5 minutes left.This adds up. I have to carry around 300+ reagents a raid night to appease you fucktards. That's three bag spaces that I could be using for things I enjoy! Like Candy for my pet or Leather Balls!

Also, the time remaining, in no way, makes the buff weaker. "ZOMG 5 minutes left on my Blessing of Might! The Attack Power MUST be lower."

Another thing that I must tell you is that Blessing of Might sometimes enjoys being overwritten by Commanding Shout (or what ever that buff is from Warriors) When this occurs, I have to rebuff you EVERY SINGLE TIME HE THROWS IT UP! Yes, I know that it's a glitch but does that really matter right now? NO! Same with Blessing of Wisdom. Damn that Shammy and their Mana Tides. Again! It's a glitch and I have to rebuff you.

If I'm the only paladin, if you piss me off, you aren't getting anything!

I also have to remember what every class's "Perfect Buff" is:

"I want Kings" the warlock says
"I don't want Kings, I want Might" the Hunter says
"Can I have Might, Wisdom, & Sanctuary!" Says the Three Druids

I will punch you all in the throat if you don't stop whining.

What should we learn from all of this?

If you know that a paladin is setting up the raid buffs, Whisper them. Do Not announce in Raid Chat or WORSE vent. This will only anger us & we will give you the opposite of a helpful buff. Tell them that you would like to have Might instead of Kings for the evening and leave it at that. Tell them once & if they are competent, you should have no problems. If they forget you once, kindly whisper them regarding this matter. Most of the time, there might have been a partial wipe & you were the only 1 of 4 warriors who died (we may have forgotten)

Our PallyPower knows who's in our range that needs buffed. If we have this, we do not need the Rogue to remind us about it.

If you, consistently, are not being buffed, maybe that paladin hates you and you should just DIAF or work without the buff. If that buff makes or breaks you, then you have bigger problems my friend.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

This Rant is Sponsored by: Paladin's Against Ungrateful Raiders (P.A.U.R)


  1. I'm a half warlock half pally and I approve of this post.


  2. Lawl. You should hear her during a raid when I'm leading. It's like listening in on a brothel.

  3. @Ful

    That's hot.


    Thank you for this post. Everytime I raid with my pally, these are the same thoughts that go through my head. That and "WHY DON'T THE OTHER PALLIES HAVE PALLY POWER"

  4. @ Jess

    If I'm in a 25 man raid, we normally have between 4-6 paladins doing various jobs. It gets a little frustrating when more than 1 of them doesn't have it. There is no reason not to have this addon. Normally, if you don't have the addon, You're on Kings duty!