Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For The Love Of...

[insert preferred deity here]... is how I'm sure at least a few dubious sentences started last night when people logged in only to find "extended maintenance". It always sucks to have your plans for the night ruined. However, as Jess over at Miss Medicina points out, we should probably all cut Blizz some slack and just take it in stride. It's not like they don't usually try to make up for it with account credit. Besides, when you think about the sheer volume of work probably has to be done, it's amazing they still even try to say it's going to be by a certain time. I mean, I guess they have to, but it's a pretty ambitious task to begin with.

After the maintenance boss crit all over our raid (not QQ, mind you, just the superfluously stated facts), we decided to shoot for a 10-man alt Naxx run. With the new emblem changes, it's always a great idea to just try to do something easy that you've already progressed through on nights like these. You never know if there will be lag, DC's, addon errors, or other flukes of cyber nature, so running something you know pretty well and can conquer easily is just the ticket.

It can actually end up being quite fun to approach these old, worn battles with some new challenges. A healer DC's during the first boss fight? No problem, solo heal it! Your tank's addon screws up and aggro cannot be held? Welcome to Azerothian DPS Ping Pong! Your DPS DC? Who cares? They're just DPS! Amirite? (*grumble*).

In any event, it gave me a chance to test out my dual wielding death knight craziness in a raid environment. I went in with the intention of rolling on tanking gear, even though I'd be in a DPS role. I'm happy to say that I was up around 3k DPS all night. As is normal with my spec, I'm a lot better on trash and multiple mob pulls than on single boss fights (spreading disease and howling blast give you a nice little DPS boost). That fact alone always throws me for a loop when I try to compare it with my performance as a warlock. It's just completely the opposite.

On Patchwerk, I laid down a healthy 2800, which I think is pretty decent for my gear level. I also topped the damage done for the night, despite not being the highest DPS in the group, though I know many of the others weren't exactly playing their hearts out. It's still nice to know that I can put up competitive numbers with my dual wielding DPS in a raid environment. The number is pretty similar to what I was doing back when I was using a 2H weapon, and I really haven't made any gear upgrades since then (just shuffled things around with my new spec).

We cleared the first wing (spider) with seven people, then picked up two more and did two more wings with nine. It was pretty fun to be undermanned and we had a lot of utility in the group. As is usual when I run Naxx with my DK, I was called upon to kite the adds for Gluth. I feel I have to reiterate how awesome my PvP/DPS spec is for this task. The chillblains with the howling blast really make it easy mode. It keeps frost fever up on all the zombies, keeping them in a nice, neat, slow moving group. It just works out perfectly and you don't get a ridiculous number of stacks even after three rounds (I was up to 45 last night, but I was a bit rusty as well, I've done it with around 20 at the end before when I had a hunter helping out with frost traps).

Finally, I picked up the tier token for my legs and spent them on the tanking version. I also got two different DPS shoulder drops (one I'm going to gem/enchant for PvP, the other for DPS). Those drops freed up my tank shoulders so I could enchant and gem them properly. After all was said and done, I'd achieved the heroic defense cap at 535. Woot! I'm hoping this means I'll soon be able to not fail tank something. :-)

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