Monday, September 14, 2009

Chemistry and Life Lessons, Sort Of

This post is going to be a mixture of Aion and WoW, read on at your own peril. Molarity of the mixture? We'll litmus test when we're done.

Molarity, for those who weren't chem nerds in HS, speaks of the concentration of an acid or base. If you have a hydrochloric acid with a high molarity, for instance, you probably want to add some water to dilute that before pouring it in something corruptible. Like your soul.

The litmus test is used to measure the strength of an acid or base. It doesn't really tell you molarity or any other type of concentration other than the pH of the liquid. It is also used colloquially to mean "benchmark". I sort of stretch the usage here in tandem with molarity in order to provide a sort of "chemistry joke".

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

That, and explaining jokes mean the joke was terribad in the first place, so I probably just wasted what little attention I grabbed. Sue me. It's Monday. And I want to corrupt things. Like this table. If I had some high molar acid right now... *sigh*

In any case, this opening exchange between myself and... myself illustrates how my WoW time has been spent recently. That is to say, I've been feeding rationality and science to the drama llama to no avail, then getting angry and wanting to melt faces. Sometimes, I just melt the faces by pulling out the old electric guitar that sits next to my computer and annoying the shit out of my wife. Sometimes I just muse stealing souls and setting things on fire. Only one is really warlocky so I'll try to stick to that frame of mind.

Jessabelle writes somewhat about what's going on (with more to follow). The short version is that we, as an alliance, were apparently woefully unprepared to deal with the new 2-hour trade rule. It brings a lot of interesting new looting options to the table that our creative membership have demonstrated. Some of which could be seen as less than honest. The less-than-honest-seeming is what we're dealing with, along with the rankled feathers that go with that. It's not a new fight, the loot stuff, it's just a new twist. It's also one that people don't seem to deal with very well. Has anyone else experienced problems with this? It seems like we're alone, but I find that hard to believe. I mean, we're not the only one with crafty individuals...

In any case, my WoW time has been limited in part because of the Aionic Open Beta, but also because I've been trolling forums, locking threads, responding to tells, yadda yadda... thus not feeling very excited about signing on. It's good to step back sometimes, and we're not abandoning our charges by any means, but I think Jess and I have both been through this crap enough to know that sometimes we just need to step back and let it run it's course. It's good to drop an opinion off at the pool, but usually people will just watch it float on by anyways.

We will get it figured out. We have good people on it. Some people will remain upset and not play with some other people. Some people might leave. Such is the way of the drama llama. I hate to minimize the issue, because it really does mean something to me and I get emotional about it, but sometimes you have to remember that this, too, shall pass.

Hmm, this has gone on long enough and I'm being pulled into a meeting (no one willingly attends meetings, it's only through an un-resistable Death Grip that we attend), thus I'm going to leave this post highly acidic... or WoWic and counter it with some Aionic tomorrow. For now, check out Spooner's vids. Good stuff and I was actually on while he was making some of them. I won't show up in any cuz I was much lower, but there was chatting. I look forward to rolling with these guys upon launch, which is only a week away now!